Name: Paladin

Rank: Paladin of Zakuul

Tier: High 3

Background: A Knight of Zakuul who has proven themselves capable of leading in combat, having endured combat before; coming out of combat victorious. Wearing their silver armour and wielding white lightsabers, the Paladins of Zakuul are fierce opponents to those unprepared.

Speed: High E

Abilities: Mastery in Form V and Shii-Cho. Proficient in Mental Shielding, the other forms of lightsaber combat, Survival Skills, Zakuul Hand-to-Hand, and Martial Weapons.

Perk: Divine Smite

Notable Force Abilities: High Proficiency in Force Choke, Force Push & Pull, and Force Speed. Proficient in Force Fear, Force Rage, Force Shock, Force Slow, Force Wound, Force Grip, Precognition, Thought Shield, Telepathy, Force Jump, Force Persuasion, Protection Bubble, and Force Flash.

Equipment: Paladin Armour; Paladin's Lightsaber

Weaknesses: Paladins are the most elite Knights of Zakuul, only held back by their limited power granted from the emperor and their lack of cybernetic enhancements. Bar being poor at duelling, they are extremely versatile and can effectively combat any and all blaster reliant opponents, though they might struggle significantly to an opponent who can outmanoeuvre them up close or someone stronger with the force.

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