Name: Bossk Silverblum

Rank: N/A

Tier: Low 3

Background: Born on the planet of Hoth, Bossk is used to cold climates, and is used to having to look through a huge expanse of nothingness. As a child, she was rescued by the Commando Troopers from a village fire, which caused her to admire the Galactic Republic. This group of Commando Troopers was led by a Commando known as Commandalf, alongside the group of Commandos was the Jedi known as Goldblum. She looked up greatly to Goldblum, seeing him almost as a parental figure. Goldblum helped Bossk hone her force abilities, getting to the point of being a Padawan. Very much a Padawan of the Clone Wars, having spent little time at the temple, Bossk is regarded with wariness by the Council.

Bossk adopted the name of "Silverblum" in order to honour her first master, but ended up keeping it, making it her first name to anyone except for Goldblum, Bob Ross and Commander Cody. She served under Systems Army Alpha for a short period of time, before being changed over to Third Systems Army due to her "mischief". Under the 3SA, she travelled with them to the Unknown Regions and Odessen, going to various adventures and developing various Force powers before she left with Commander Cody for a one year break.

After a series of events, Silverblum left the Jedi Order and deafened herself from the force in order to date (and later marry) CC-2224, known as Commander Cody.

Speed: Low F

Abilities: Highly Proficient in Mental Shielding and Jetpacks. Proficient in Survival Skills, Weapon Instinct, Form IV, Blaster Rifles, Blaster Pistols, Archery, Shotguns, Slugthrowers, Sniper Rifles, and Throwables. Skilled in Ground Vehicles, Traps, Camouflage, and Mandalorian Hand-to-Hand. Begun Training in Form V, Form III, and Tràkata.

Notable Force Abilities: Highly Proficient in Force Phase. Proficient in Force Valour, Standard Jedi Padawan Abilities, Force Body, and Doppelganger. Skilled in Revitalise and Pyrokinesis. Begun Training in Force Barrier.

  • Balance = 74. Midichlorian Count = 17,245.

Equipment: Silver’s Lightsaber; Silverblum’s Lightbow; Prata’Farr

Weaknesses: Being naturally resistant to the cold brings in the issues of struggling with heat; so warm planets and environments are likely to ruin her concentration and wear her down. She can be easily beaten in longer duels, since she uses a physically demanding form. She has not used the Force for a long time, given she was severed for a decent while, and as such, has been caught lacking in her Force powers.