Name: Obbic'uri'clarr

Rank: Heir to House Obbic

Tier: Middle 3

Background: Obbic'ur'clarr, or Curic, was a Commodore in the Chiss Defense Fleet and heir to House Obbic. Widely considered a tactical prodigy, Curic was one of the commanders of the Traditionalist forces (Houses Obbic, Clarr, and Ufza) who opposed Thrawn and his allies who supported opening the Chiss to Outsiders. For most of the early days of the Traditionalists, there was no open conflict. However, tensions began to mount between the factions, especially when Thrawn brought his Outsider allies into Chiss space.

After a very brief conflict with the Vagaari, there was little for the Chiss to be concerned about in the Unknown Regions, so their mounting tensions turned back inwards. Everything came to a head for the two groups at a celebratory gala on Csilla. The event started civil, with the two sides doing little more than bandying words, probing for a leg up on the other. Until, of course, the Traditionalists got word their preemptive strike against the Traditionalists had succeeded, capturing Thrass and Ar'alani. The gala quickly devolved into open conflict, though neither side had counted on the presence of Abeloth. Though there was little he could do besides harass the creature, Curic would ironically find himself saved by Axis, and was able to join his compatriots in escaping the planet before it destabilized.

However, the pursuant war would not last more than a few battles with the history of the Chiss being changed by Axis's alteration of their past. Curic and the other Traditionalists would be forced onto the back foot for quite some time, though they would eventually strike out again around the time of Thrawn's demise. It would be at this point, having had perhaps too much time to internalize the events of the war, that Curic would lash out against the ruling members of the Traditionalist familes, and he and Rirai would find themselves executing the family they deemed to have betrayed them.

Speed: Low D Combat Speed

Abilities: Mastery in Mental Shielding. Highly Proficient in Pattern Recognition and Chiss Hand-to-Hand Combat. Proficient in Ground Vehicles, Throwables and Carbines.

Equipment: Proficient with Charric Maser Pistol, Charric Maser Carbine, Charric Blaster Rifle, and an Electro Staff. 2 Thermal Detonators; 1 Flashbang; 1 Hidden Ceremonial Dagger; Chiss Battle Armour.

Weaknesses: Curic is desperate to prove themselves and their skills, whether they know it or not. As such, they will try to see their plans to the end, out of a need to gain proof that their place in the galaxy is worth it. As such, creating a combat scenario where Curic believes they are facing “the ultimate test” could make them go all in, at which point, one can perform a clean sweep on everything he holds dear. They adjust well to chaos, sometimes too well. Curic will remain confident in absolute chaos, but sometimes forgets that those around him do not. Causing mass hysteria could disillusion his troops and turn them against him. He is young and inexperienced, and manipulating him against those insecurities could force him to play his hand in a way that is not in his favour.