Name: CA-0087

Rank: Sergeant

Tier: High 3

Background: CA-0087, or 87, was a clone assassin scientist, who was part of the Special Operation Brigade. Having worked with the 501st Strike Corps in order to fight bandits on the planet of Bundki, '87 had been on a variety of missions. Instead of a more typical combat style, CA-0087 used his skills in chemistry in order to gain advantages within combat.

'87 was a man of science, choosing to base his beliefs in facts rather then religion or ridiculous conspiracy theories, and was never afraid to use whatever means were necessary in order to win a battle; given sentient lives and the well being of others and even himself did not concern him. During the Battle of Kashyyyk, '87 did mostly nothing to help the attack and mostly worked on his research and studied the nature of the planet. After the battle, '87 transferred to the 501st Strike Corps to study from their experiences and continue his research on several planets. Later, he also fought side-by-side alongside them against bandits on Ithor, all in order to continue the only thing he cared about.

Speed: High D Combat Speed

Abilities: Mastery in Teras Kasi, Chemistry, Deception, Mental Shielding, and Hunting/Tracking. Highly Proficient in Traps, Espionage, Sniper Rifles, Blaster Pistols, and Arm Vibroblades. Proficient in Martial Weapons, Throwables, Jetpacks, and Blaster Rifles. Skilled in Cloaking Devices and Ground Vehicles.

Equipment: Modified Clone Assassin Armour; 2 Arm Vibroblades; DC-17; Modified DC-15x; Poison Kit; 2 Smoke Grenades; 2 Flash Grenades; Utility Belt with: Ammunition, Grappling Hook, Basic Medical Supplies, Multitool, Cloaking Device, Chemistry Kit

Weaknesses: ‘87 cares more about his research than anything else, which can easily be twisted against him by a mindful or manipulative combatant. This can be done to the point of making him turn against his allies, especially if one were to gain possession of research or threaten to destroy it. ‘87 does not care about his allies unless they are vital to the success of the mission, and thus one can manipulate scenarios in which his allies can be picked off easily. With lacking long range skills, ‘87 should be engaged from a distance.