Name: A-16 "Flare" (Deceased)

Rank: Commander

Tier: High 2

Background: Alpha-16, otherwise known as Clone Commander Flare, the clone commander of the infamous Hawkbat Battalion. Flare led Hawkbat on many archaeological expeditions, through the wreckage from many battles and the ruins of many temples. After being shot down by a CIS patrol frigate, Flare crashed down on an unknown world, wandering the forests for days. Starving and delirious, Flare found a Sith temple deep within the bowels of the jungle. Acquiring a Sith holocron, Flare ate the artefact in his deliriousness to satiate his hunger. The Sith Lord inside, feeling whimsical and amused by Flare’s actions, decided to grant the clone abilities before the spirit disappeared with the holocron entirely.

Speed: High C

Abilities: Extreme Mastery in Blaster Rifles. Mastery in Blaster Pistols, Chain Guns, Deception, Blaster Cannons, Vehicle Boarding, and Mandalorian Hand-to-Hand Combat. Highly Proficient in Manipulation, Shotguns, Blaster Carbines, Weapon Instinct, Camouflage, Espionage, Traps, Ground Vehicles, Explosives, Sniper Rifles, Throwables, Rocket Launchers, Mental Shielding, and Mandalorian Sabre Combat. Proficient in Grenade Launchers, Hunting/Tracking, Jetpacks, Slicing, Survival Skills, Ship Boarding, and Martial Weapons.

Notable Force Abilities: Can produce an extremely large electrical discharge from his hands.

Equipment: Alpha Series-I Armour; Westar M5; DC-15S Carbine, DC-17/DC-15A; DP-23; 2 Fragmentation Grenades; 2 Reverse-polarity Pulse Grenades; 2 EMP Grenades; 2 Ion Grenades; Utility Belt with: Ammunition, Grappling Hook, Basic Medical Supplies, Multitool; DC-15x

Weaknesses: Flare, while being the strongest Alpha due to their holocron accident, isn’t exactly humble about it; willing to take on any opponent. As such, simply introducing a scenario which is too much for the clone to deal with will likely end up with them dying, having bit off more than they could chew. And, an extremely powerful or knowledgeable Force User could hypothetically sever Flare from the Force permanently, and thus render them a somewhat normal Alpha ARC trooper again, which is far easier to deal with.