Name: Argus

Rank: Sith Construct

Tier: Middle 2

Background: Argus is a sentient mass of liquid metal created by Varman Ashrani during his takeover of Korriban. Created for the sole purpose of fulfilling Ashrani’s goals, Argus is his most loyal subject and his eyes and ears within the Divine Path. Though the force construct was born with a singular purpose he has gone above and beyond his own limits, developing sentience and an optimistic and playful personality. Argus developed alongside Ashrani’s faction, the Divine Path. While powerful individuals gathered to pledge their loyalty to Ashrani, Argus focused only on growing his own mass and abilities to better serve his master.

Argus’ determination to help and improve led to the creation of several powerful abilities, including his independent Argi helpers and the beginnings of a world spanning hive network, located within the sewers of the capital city.

Speed: Low C

Abilities: Superhuman Strength and Durability. Can transform the shape of their matter and split it off into multiple organisms. Highly Proficient in Matter Absorption and Tendril/Tentacle Combat.

Equipment: N/A

Weaknesses: The matter that Argus absorbs does not retain its properties, instead shifting to form a baseline metal of unknown properties. As such, Argus cannot increase his own durability by changing the physical properties of the metal that forms his being. If one were to Force Sever part of Argus, one could disconnect that section of matter from the consciousness for a brief time. Extreme heat could melt Argus’s body, and while he could reform back into his normal state at a later time, he would be forced to wait for the heat to subside; thus potentially removing him from the combat scenario. Electricity, while it does not cause pain, can cause a reaction when at high levels that will temporarily disable his higher thinking functions. Argus doesn’t hold a great deal of intelligence, and falls prey to trickery and misdirection easily, something that should be exploited by a mindful combatant. Argus does not have the ability to manipulate organic matter, thus meaning one can engage in physical contact with him to cause damage. In addition, to absorb matter, Argus must focus on doing so and the larger/more dense the material, the longer it takes for him to do so; allowing one to form counter-strategies when he is in the process of doing so. Argus can be outright destroyed, through means of destruction on a molecular level, and thus one should attempt to create yields of energy density that would allow for this. Argus is completely loyal to Ashrani, and one should use his single-minded focus on Ashrani’s goals to exploit his simple-minded nature. Lastly, an extremely powerful telepath could wrench control of Argus from Ashrani, but this would require one to engage in a mental battle with the Sith Lord himself.