Name: Mij Gilamar

Rank: Head of Clan Gilamar

Tier: Middle 2

Background: Mij Gilamar was a Human male doctor and Mandalorian warrior who served as a member of the Cuy'val Dar during the waning years of The Galactic Republic. Born on Corellia in 63 BBY, Mij showed an interest in medicine in addition to the typical Corellian interest in exploration. In 40 BBY, during his time as a medical student, he met and fell in love with a Mandalorian woman named Tani Gilamar. The two were wed a year later, and Mij became an official member of Clan Gilamar, taking it as his last name.

Years later, the clan was all but wiped out in a Death Watch raid on their estate, his wife being killed during the attack. Gilamar vowed to take revenge on the individuals responsible, and proceeded to drown his pain out by focusing on his medical studies while working to track them down. Soon after obtaining his medical degree in 34 BBY, Mij was contacted by Jango Fett to join the ranks of the Cuy'val Dar. During his time on Kamino, Mij would foster a relationship with the ARC trooper Alpha-Ø2, also known as Spar. He later facilitated Spar's defection from the Grand Army of the Republic and aided in his escape from Kamino, calling in a favor with Fett to smuggle him out in the cargo hold of the Slave I.

In 20 BBY, Mij received an offer from Republic Command to renew his contract for supplementary training of the Republic Commandos. He accepted the offer, and in addition, took up chief medical duties at the base. Soon after his arrival he reunited with Spar, who had been travelling with the Muunilinst 10. Some time later, Spar suffered a severe episode of clone madness, a disease he had been afflicted with ever since his failed reconditioning by the Kaminoans early in his life. Alpha-53, "Gin", suggested a permanent solution that would require travelling to a hidden base on Nar Shadaa. Despite initially being barred from entering the base upon their arrival, Spar was later taken through a portal by the Director of Communications, "Axis", while Mij wasn't present. Transporting Spar through time and space, Axis succeeded at curing the man's condition, turning him away from his inevitable fate of insanity.

Shortly after Spar was cured, he and Mij travelled to Mandalore, where they finally tracked down the man who led the attack on Mij's clan, Mij taking his revenge once and for all. Afterwards, Mij formally adopted Spar, and the two returned to the deserter hideout known as Kyrimorut, which had previously been constructed under the orders of Mij's late friend, Kal Skirata. After Mij and Spar cleaned up the base and restocked it with supplies, The Null-class ARC Troopers joined them at Kyrimorut. Chiss Admiral Ar'alani later approached the group with an offer to bolster the hideout's defenses using chiss technology, and despite Mij's reluctance, the offer was accepted.

Unbeknownst to Mij or the others there, Kyrimorut gradually shifted into a base for individuals aligned with Axis. It wasn't long before the mysterious group known as the "Vassals of the Coiled King" took notice, and proceeded to bomb the homestead with 6 intercontinental ballistic missiles. Having been one of the individuals in the orbit of Mandalore on the Chimaera, Mij went down with the others and immediately began search and rescue. After managing to locate those who survived the blast, the team found themselves surrounded by a large Clan Caesar attack force, intending to capture any survivors. Those surrounded attempted to fight back, but were ultimately overwhelmed by Caesar's forces, and were captured.

Having been taken captive by Caesar, the Mandalorian clan leader began the lengthy process of ransoming some of his captives off to major factions. However, some still remained, and after months of being held by Caesar, he led them into a destructive fight against the force deity Abeloth, causing multiple serious injuries and bringing the former captives near death. Months later, Mij attended a Mandalorian clan leader gala held on the planet Krownest by Clan Wren. Near the end of the event, Barradur Vornskr, the leader of Clan Vornskr, assassinated Duchess Satine, declaring his intentions to take over Mandalore. Coordinating medical assistance for those injured in the Vornskr attack, Mij would later reluctantly join Caesar's side of the quickly brewing Civil War.

Speed: Middle C Combat Speed

Abilities: Extreme Mastery in Treatment & Aid, Chemistry, and Mandalorian Hand-To-Hand Combat. Mastery in Ground Vehicles, Dagger Combat, Deception, Throwing Knives, Manipulation, Espionage, all Blaster Weapons, Jetpacks, Weapon Instinct, Throwables, Mental Shielding, and Mandalorian Sabre Combat. Highly Proficient in Hunting/Tracking, Energy Shields, Ship Boarding, Slugthrowers, Vehicle Boarding, Camouflage, Traps, Survival Skills, Projectors, Slicing, Knife Combat, Mechanical Mind, Chainguns, Grenade Launchers, and Explosives. Proficient in Pattern Recognition.

Equipment: The Master of Surgical Scalpels; Extreme Mastery with DC-15A and Z-6 Jetpack; Dual Westar-34s; Mandalorian Armour; 4 Bacta Grenades; 2 Chemical Load Grenades; 2 Flash Grenades; Beskad; 2 Kal Daggers; Utility Pouches with: Ammunition, Grappling Hook, Throwing Knives, Medical Supplies, Multitool

Weaknesses: Mij Gilamar prioritises the health and safety of others over all else in combat, causing him to be easily distracted from his objective if an ally or an innocent is injured. Mij is highly protective over those he holds dear, causing him to likely act impetuously if they are in danger. This could be exploited by engineering a hostage situation where he must choose between protecting his allies or letting the mission fail, in which case he will choose to protect his allies an overwhelming majority of the time. Mij relies on his medical skill and knowledge of anatomy in combat, striving for quick, effective, and surgical kills, even when traditional tactics would be more effective.