Name: Caleb Dume

Rank: Jedi Padawan

Tier: Middle 3

Background: Caleb Dume was a Jedi Padawan serving the Grand Army of the Republic. He was born in 33 BBY and was soon taken in as a Jedi Youngling. In the beginning of the Clone Wars he was placed in a squad of Jedi Younglings called the Monke clan. This clan was taught under Grand Master Yoda of the Jedi Order but, several experienced Jedi took to training these lessons and teaching them valuable lessons. Arla Fett also spent a great deal of time watching over these younglings. Towards the very end of his youngling days, and also some of the last days of the Jedi Temple before the day of reckoning, Caleb was selectively chosen by Grand Master Yoda to join him on Aing-Tii for special training in the art of Fold Space. A force technique that required special teachings from the creatures that inhabited the planet-also known as the “Aing-Tii.” He left the planet with a proficient skill level in the ability and was later made a Jedi Padawan by the council.

On Tython, the Jedi’s new home, Caleb often would look over the garden and medical centers under the instruction of Stass Allie. He would also often visit the graves on Tython for the fallen soldiers in the Clone Wars. Not long after, the clone called “Hawkeye” with mysterious powers portalled him and Jedi Master Cin Drallig to the ship of the Alpha ARC clone group “Muunilinst 10” He was shown to a girl named Tau who was said to be a being with a connection the Void. After a few days they attempt to “Flow-walk” together which leads to a disastrous result, Caleb being stuck in time then shown the gruesome and painful past memories of Ectherid, the leader of the Vassals of the Coiled King, who Caleb was soon to join after this traumatic experience through time, which led him to the desert planet of Jakku.

He joined up with the other vassals eventually, mainly by the deserter clone “Bly” who seemed to be leading the group. The two soon enough formed a understanding bond and Bly taught Caleb lots of valuable combat lessons as well as inner lessons about understanding himself. Caleb became more trusting of all of the vassals and even would accompany Bly in his off world travels. Caleb’s future with the Jedi order seems uncertain, he informed Master Arcann Tirall, who was his former mentor about his whereabouts on the planet and with this mysterious group but, Caleb still follows the beliefs of the Jedi and pursues the end goal of the Vassals of the Coiled King.

Speed: High G

Abilities: Mastery in Mental Shielding. Highly Proficient in Ground Vehicles. Proficient in Blaster Pistols and Temple Hand-to-Hand Combat. Skilled in Soresu, Shii-Cho, Jar’Kai, Deception, Slicing, and Mechanical Mind. Begun Training in Form V and Ataru.

Notable Force Abilities: Proficient in Fold Space. Skilled in Force Grip, Force Push & Pull. Begun Training in Force Enlightenment, Force Healing, Force Valour, Force Weapon, Force Cloak and Plant Surge.

  • Balance = 19. Midichlorian Count = 14,413.

Equipment: Padawan Robes and Tunic; Caleb’s Lightsaber; Utility Belt with: Survival Rations in the form of capsules, a Hush-98 comlink, a Fibercord Grappling Hook and/or a Grappling Spike Launcher, a Holoprojector, a Holomap, an A99 Aquata Breather, a Jedi Beacon Transceiver, a Glowrod, and Lightsaber Repair Tools.

Weaknesses: Caleb stood out from his peers in the temple as he was an inquisitive youngling, gaining him some resentment by the other younglings. His desire for constant knowledge is a double-edged sword, as curiosity can lead Caleb into situations he is not yet prepared for. Additionally, Caleb can be very reckless which has been shown to have the ability to put those around him at risk.