Name: CA-1748 "Hex"

Rank: Corporal

Tier: Middle 3

Background: CT-4745 "Romanoff" originally was a member of Coruscant Guard, assisting the clone division in protecting the capital planet of the Republic. She worked under CT-1984 "Big Brother". Despite the fact that she had a very important job, not much happened. This let to her getting bored of it, and wanting something new to do.

Romanoff eventually was sent to work with the Clone Assassins on the Wyvern. The group arrived on Salteract and the clone worked with them during their operations. When she was working on one of them, she would hide in a box that she lived in for several months. This would be her life until she was found by one of the Clone Assassins, CA-1963. After being found, she adopted the new identity of CA-1748, also later going by as "Hex" as well.

'48 continued working with the Clone Assassins as they went to their next destination with System Army Alpha, Kashyyyk. While on the forest planet. '48 participated in more operations with her fellow Assassins. Unfortunately, during one of said operations she would accidentally kill several of them, sending her into a state that seriously affected her mental health.

Speed: Low D Combat Speed

Abilities: Mastery in Hunting/Tracking. Highly Proficient in Improvised Hand-to-Hand, Deception, Way of the Divto, Way of the Rancor, Street Hand-to-Hand, Stun Batons, and Riot Shields. Proficient in Rocket Launchers, Espionage, Mental Shielding, and Blaster Cannons. Skilled in Traps, Blaster Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Ground Vehicles, Teras Kasi, Arm Vibroblades, Throwables, Jetpacks, and Blaster Pistols. Begun Training in Projectors, Martial Weapons, and Stealth Generators.

Equipment: 2 Stun Batons; Blaster Cannon; DC-15 Side Arm; 2 Daggers; Utility Belt with Grappling Hook, Poison Kit, Multitool, Basic Medical Supplies, Ammunition; 2 Kyber Grenades

Weaknesses: Hex is very attached to those she cares about, which includes droids and the weapons she has named, and will do whatever it takes to keep them safe. This irrationality can be exploited in two ways: either directly, or to create a disconnect between herself and her clone assassin peers. She also struggles with identity, feeling as if her past haunts her, and if one were to bring it up she would likely be distracted within a combat scenario. Her more impulsive self tends to be easy to anger as well, which makes her easily compromised and reckless in a combat encounter, something that could get her killed.