Name: Geldon Starfollower

Rank: Captain of the Royal Guard

Tier: Low 1

Background: Geldon Starfollwer or Captain Starfollower is the Captain of the Royal Guard. He calls himself Starfollower due to the fact he always follows the stars and they guide him. His job is to defend the line of Kings at all cost. He must always think of the line before anything. He defends his family honor by upholding the tradition of being the Captain of the Guard for the ailing king of the Hóu race.

Geldon got the same Starfollower due to the way he looked to the stars when there was trouble and when he was lost. He follows a long line of Captains of the Guards. His legacy runs through a long line of Cadet Captains at Odin’s Ford. During his time there learned his skills as a fighter and a leader. He learned how to preserve troops lives through good tactics and what it take to leave a legacy.

Geldon as the Captain of the Royal Guard his job was to protect the Royal Family. He mainly serves nearby his king as he has gown old and senile. When he has time he tries to train the kinds son Sima.

Speed: High C Combat Speed

Abilities: Superhuman Strength and Durability. Extreme Mastery in Mental Shielding, and Staffs. Mastery in Animal Handling, Pattern Recognition, Archery, Hóu Hand-to-Hand Combat, Medieval Siege Weapons, Weapon Instinct, and Traps. Highly Proficient in Martial Weapons, Throwing Knives, and Hóu Sword Combat.

Equipment: Hóu Quarterstaff; Hóu Bow; Royal Guard Captain's Armor; and Geldon Starfollower’s sword

Weaknesses: Geldon is sworn to protect the royal line no matter what, which leaves many things up to interpretation. If the man believes an action or tactic could harm the royal line in any way, he will not take that action, even if it is necessary to win a combat scenario or battle. Furthermore, he could be manipulated into losing a fight if one makes him believe the royal line is in danger, or he could be distracted in combat through a threat to the royal line. Geldon has never seen any modern technology; blasters and lightsabers are unfamiliar to him; which can be used against him for a serious and deadly advantage.