Name: Standard Chiss Marine

Rank: Marine

Tier: High 4

Background: Chiss Marines are the standard ground troop of the Chiss Ascendancy, they are the first unit to hit the deck in a combat scenario, and generally are the face of the Chiss military to all who oppose them.

The Chiss Marine came about when the CEDF realized early in their existence that they couldn't effectively train their naval officers to fight on the ground and in space, and would need dedicated ground troops, and with the discovery of Charric technology and an extremely energy ablative material, the Chiss had their equipment kit for their new Marines. The Marines in that original form would be used in every conflict from the first skirmishes with the Ssi-Ruuk, through the Eternal Conquests, but with the loss to the Eternal Empire, the Chiss Aristocra realized they needed to change their main ground troop.

Since that point, the Chiss Marines had their training far more centralized, with only 2 academies in the Ascendancy, and a far more rigorous program, and this lead to troops being trained who could take their opponents tactics after many battles, and to be able to use more close combat weapons like daggers, to counter enemies who were using more range focused armour and defences, since then, the Chiss Marine has stayed rather constant as a status quo has been reached with the enemies of the Ascendancy, requiring less evolution in the troop itself, and more in the equipment being used.

Speed: Middle G Combat Speed

Abilities: Highly Proficient with Charric Maser Rifle; Proficient with Charric Maser Carbine and Dagger Combat; Skilled in Ground Vehicles; Begun Training in Combat Assimilation

Equipment: Chiss Battle Armor; Chiss Maser Rifle

Weaknesses: Chiss Marines are extremely strong troops, however they do have little knowledge of the wider galaxy, one can often trick an unbriefed Chiss Marine by lying about the functions of their own equipment, as the marine would have no way to verify that information. Additionally, the Chiss Marines are not entirely cohesive in groups, and by tearing them apart individually, one can easily divide and conquer a unit of these soldiers.

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