Name: Del'Gor Saxon

Rank: Vassal of the Coiled King

Tier: High 3

Background: Del'Gor was a male Mandalorian mercenary and Dark Jedi during the final years of the Galactic Republic. A Human from Concord Dawn, Del'Gor's force-sensitivity was discovered at a young age, following which he was taken into the Mandalorian Knights. He, along with many other initiates, resided at the Utreekov Kurv, where he underwent arduous training.

Many years later, while Del'Gor was away on a mission, HaVoK Kryze-Viszla massacred everyone in the temple. A few hours later, Del'Gor was greeted by the lifeless bodies of his comrades, many of whom were close friends Del'Gor would spend the next year in solitude, honing his skills, until HaVoK himself would arrive at Utreekov Kurv and attack the Mandalorian Knight.

Del'Gor was no match for the acolyte, and he was defeated in mere moments. HaVoK sensed the conflict in Del'Gor's mind and could relate to it, and hence, took him under his tutelage.

Speed: Middle D

Abilities: Highly Proficient in Juyo, Mental Shielding, and Jetpacks. Proficient in Saberstaffs, Weapon Instinct, Jar’Kai, Blaster Rifles, Blaster Pistols, Shotguns, Blaster Carbines, Slugthrowers, Sniper Rifles, Hunting/Tracking, Survival Skills, and Throwables. Skilled in Ground Vehicles, Camouflage, Traps, and Mandalorian Hand-to-Hand. Begun training in Makashi

Notable Force Abilities: Highly Proficient at Force Rend and Force Empathy. Proficient in Force Barrier, Skilled at Psychometry. Begun Training in Force Valour, Force Stasis, Force Wave, Force Weapon, Ionise, Force Body, Mechu Deru, and Farsight

  • Balance = Neutral Fallen. Midichlorian Count = 10,289.

Equipment: Mastery with .48 Enforcer; Del'Gor's 2 Interlocking Lightsabers; Del'Gor's Custom Beskar Armour; Highly Proficient in All Black; Crushgaunts

Weaknesses: A more powerful force wielder could easily overpower him with the force, moreover his style of lightsaber combat involved aggressive strikes valuing and speed over strength with little focus on defence. Further he’s susceptible to blaster fire due to his lacking skill in defensive saber forms. Del’Gor embraces the Dark Side while maintaining control of his sanity, though any significant stress is most certainly going to push him off the edge. Del’Gor is extremely allergic to fungus-based plants and lifeforms, and exposure to them is likely to reduce his combat effectiveness greatly.