Name: A-98 "Nate"

Rank: ARC Captain

Tier: Low 2

Background: Alpha-98, known simply as Nate and later Jangotat, was an Alpha-class Advanced Recon Commando captain in the Grand Army of the Republic. He fought in the First Battle of Geonosis, after which he was promoted to the rank of captain for saving five members of his squad from a Hailfire droid. Later, in the Battle of Altair 9, a broca nearly tore his hip off, causing him to require extensive medical treatment from a Republic medical facility. Following his recovery, he was posted to the training world of Vandor-3 to take part in a gruelling training exercise aimed at honing the skills of clone troopers.

Due to the exemplary leadership he demonstrated on Vandor-3, A-98's commanding officer offered him a position on an upcoming covert operation, which was vital to the continued war effort of the Republic. With his acceptance he was placed in charge of a group of commando-trained clone troops who would be operating on Ord Cestus under the command of Jedi Masters Obi-Wan Kenobi and Kit Fisto. During his time on Ord Cestus, Nate developed a relationship with a freedom fighter by the name of Sheeka Tull; her love for him helped show him that there was more to life than what he had been created to do. After marrying Sheeka Tull , Nate was invited to join the Muunilinst 10 with whom he went to the 50 moons planet outside of the galaxy to get a planet with almost unlimited resources. Returning from there , he has been called to Brentaal-IV on the behest of their Commander Pink to train the 501st battalion.

Speed: Middle C Combat Speed

Abilities: Extreme Mastery in Ground Vehicles and Vehicle Boarding. Mastery in Blaster Rifles, Blaster Pistols, Chain Guns, Deception, Blaster Cannons, and Mandalorian Hand-to-Hand Combat. Highly Proficient in Manipulation, Shotguns, Blaster Carbines, Weapon Instinct, Camouflage, Espionage, Traps, Explosives, Sniper Rifles, Throwables, Rocket Launchers, Mental Shielding, and Mandalorian Sabre Combat. Proficient in Hunting/Tracking, Projectors, Jetpacks, Slicing, Survival Skills, Ship Boarding, Grenade Launchers, and Martial Weapons.

Equipment: Westar M5; DC-15S Carbine, DC-17/DC-15A; DP-23; Duraplast Alpha Series-III ARC Armour; 2 Fragmentation Grenades; 2 Reverse-polarity Pulse Grenades; 2 EMP Grenades; 2 Ion Grenades; Utility Belt with: Ammunition, Grappling Hook, Basic Medical Supplies, Multitool; DC-15x; 2 Vibroblades.

Weaknesses: Nate is too loyal to the Republic, to the point he can be convinced to sacrifice himself arbitrarily for it by a skilled enough manipulator. Nate respects the Muunilinst 10 a lot. He can be shaken by either breaking that respect, causing his views to be shattered, or by breaking the Muunilinst 10 themselves. Nate loves Sheeka Tull greatly, and is easily manipulatable when she is involved in any situation. Nate is extremely terrified of heights, and placing him in such locations in a combat scenario would be effective.