Name: Pathfinder

Rank: Lieutenant

Tier: High 3

Background: CT-2019, also known as "Pathfinder", is an IG-100 MagnaGuard model droid who was made for and used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems for the first half a year of his life. At some point, his whatever chip malfunctioned, causing Pathfinder to defect from the CIS and summarily get recruited by CC-2000 "Bundle", the commander of the 811th Whistle Battalion. Pathfinder asked for his memory of the tragedy he caused to be erased, and CT-2338 obliged, placing an inhibitor chip on Pathfinder and overwriting his programming to become a cartography droid.

Pathfinder served with the 811th Whistle Battalion along all of their missions, on several occasions guiding them out of situations they would otherwise not have escaped from. During the second year on the clone wars, the 811th were transported from Jakku to the universe of Fracture. They appeared on Eriadu, where they were summarily rescued by the New Republic along with the 332nd and brought to Mon Cala, the home base of the New Republic. After about a month of the 811th's stay on Mon Cala, Pathfinder got the inhibitor chip placed on him by Data snagged on a loose shard of glass from a recently broken window, which was summarily ripped off of him, restoring his memories. In a panic, he escaped his quarters in the Mon Cala resort, hiding out on the Venator the 811th would take to Dromund Kaas, where he would eventually be found by his fellow soldier Ronin, and would eventually be re-introduced to the 811th and restored to his unit.

Later down the line, the 811th would be sent to the planet Nam Chorios, where Pathfinder would test his new scouting drones by sending them to map out the entire planet. When the results came back, Pathfinder noticed that there were certain "dark spots" on the map, which coincided with where his drones had been lost. He deduced that these "dark spots" were imperial FOBs, which was later confirmed by Galvanize, Static and Jesse. Pathfinder took this intel to the acting 811th commander, "Felix", who would begin to make preparations for an assault on one of these FOBs.

Speed: Low D Combat Speed

Abilities: Mastery of Electrostaffs and Pattern Recognition. Highly Proficient in the Seven Lightsaber Forms, Programmed Hand-to-Hand, Martial Weapons, all Blaster Types, and Stealth Generators. Proficient in Throwables, Jetpacks, Mechanical Mind, Crafting, and Survival Skills. Skilled in Ground Vehicles.

Equipment: Holowan Mechanicals Electrostaff; Highly Proficient with the RPS-6 Rocket Launcher, RD-4 Grenade Launcher, Bulldog RLR, DevTech Sidearm Precision Laser Dart, and the Mark IV Recon Droid; Beskar Chassis; 10 Pathfinder Mapping Devices; 21 metre Wrist Grappling Hook; Zipline Gun with length of 100 metres.

Weaknesses: Killing Pathfinder before he can adjust to your attack patterns and gain an advantage is the first step. However, if one has a deception greater than their ability to read patterns, one can feed false info to Pathfinder, making him form an incorrect counter-strategy. An EMP or the Force is a quick way to counter this droid, or high amounts of electricity conducted in the beskar armour and thus frying Pathfinder’s systems would be sure-fire ways of defeating him. Pathfinder can be a touch clumsy on occasion, and exploiting this is key to defeating him. Furthermore, due to modifications, Pathfinder is weaker than the average MagnaGuard, which should be taken into account. Shooting Pathfinder when he or his allies use the zipline/grapple is also an apt strategy.