"There is nothing to jest about here. For when the blood coats your fingers, and eyes once full of life shut, you realise just how much of a monster you really are..."

There is debate as to whether this should even be considered a Hand-to-Hand Combat Style at all, but due to the nature of the movement, it is being treated as such. But the author insists, going into much detail about the style in general.

[I still personally disagree that it is a Hand-to-Hand style, but I have never seen it in action to make a proper assessment - Un'duro]

The key of Hidden Blade Combat is breaching the enemy’s guard, and being aware that in your hand you do hold a blade. As such, any opponent should be wary of your approach; one struck blow being fatal. This should be capitalised on to the extreme, an aggressive approach knowing there is an advantage to your strikes. If the enemy goes on the backfoot, you unrelentingly follow.

The breaching of the guard is important, and the use of both blades is key. Feints with one while going in for the kill with another is likely to be successful, as well as aiming for the neck and other open spots that can be found. Unlike other Hand-to-Hand styles, which have seemed to focus on specific parts of the body, this style can cause a war of attrition by cutting any open spot that can be found.

Agility is needed, as well as pivoting around guarded areas such as an arm block to go for the kill. Being able to focus on multiple enemies is also vital, so keeping the body position in as much of a neutral state as possible is a key component. Deception is also to be utilised, revealing the Hidden Blade at the last moment for a devastating effect.