Name: Ufza’cr’obbic

Rank: Heir to House Ufza

Tier: Low 1

Background: Ufza’cr’obbic, nicknamed “Acro” for non-Cheunh speakers, was a Chiss politician and heir to the head of the Ufza family. She most notably worked alongside Clarr’ira’iziri and Obbic’uri’clarr to perpetuate the Chiss Traditionalist movement, causing a civil war amongst the Chiss Ascendancy.

As heir to house Ufza, she could be no less than the most shrewd and cunning of them all— which is why her parents used the popular technique of genetically designing her to inherit only the most efficient and beneficial genes from the Ufza bloodline. Born a natural calculating machine, Acro was expected to be the one to ensure Ufza always got its way— no matter what the cost was on her end.

Around the prelude of the Chiss Civil War, Acro personally took on the task of gaining information on Thrawn’s operations under the false identity of Ufza’ri’sabosen, or “Zaris.” She was able to work her way up in his ranks all the way to the point of serving as a specialized Chiss Commando squad under Thrass’ control, going on various missions on their behalf while masterfully collecting information on her superiors at the same time. She was even able to stump Thrawn himself in conversation, where not even he could read her true intentions.

During her time undercover as a Commando, she tried to form close relationships with her comrades to create a false sense of security. She most notably grew close to the Commando Dorian, though perhaps too close, as at some point she actually started to develop real feelings for him. But she did not want to admit this, believing that she was not allowed to let herself indulge in such emotions, and pretended that her feelings were all part of the act. This attachment would prove to be devastating for her later.

When Axis and his party of outsiders arrived on Csilla, she was immediately keen on using them as a means to perpetuate the Civil conflict in the Traditionalist’s favor. On Copero, she studied the group intently as they were in a state of shared psychosis. During this time she was able to have her subordinates silently withdraw funds to generate special micro-organisms capable of producing neurotoxins. When implanted by an undercover maintenance crew into the base’s water pipelines, almost the entire Copero base was infected by the neurotoxins, driving them all into a mass hysteria that killed and injured thousands of personnel. Coincidentally, Axis’s body reacted poorly to the neurotoxin, not only driving him to near-death but also disrupting his connection to the void temporary— causing the entire void to shudder, which attracted entities like GLARE.

Unfortunately, before Axis was poisoned, he framed Dorian as a sleeper agent infiltrating the Copero base, all in order to get Acro to reveal herself in an attempt to spare him from the death penalty. Agonized by the pain of having to choose between her mission and the one person who cared about her, she gave into her emotions and helped Dorian escape Copero.

However, this is exactly what Axis wanted. Axis sent Dorian to Noris, the planet where Ufza’s headquarters were, and upon arriving there he learnt everything. Dorian’s love turned to hate. On top of this, Axis was able to find the headquarters thanks to his help, and upon designating Dorian’s signature as ‘Axis’ in the void, Abeloth rushed to the headquarters and ruthlessly tore the entire place down.

Back on Copero, Axis released footage of Acro helping Dorian escape, compromising her position. She tried to escape, but it was too late, as Boba Fett was able to stun her using his ship’s safety features. She was then interrogated by Axis, who put an IV in her that fed her the same neurotoxin which poisoned him. After convincing her that he killed Dorian when he tried to escape, he was able to find out that Acro was immune to the neurotoxin, confirming his theory that she was the Traditionalist mole.

But Axis’ plans didn’t stop there. He purposefully let Acro free, and she hesitantly fled back to the Traditionalist headquarters. There, she planned an all out attack on Copero base in retaliation to what they did on Noris, tunnel-visioned on getting revenge on Axis. She was set on using Axis’ profound abilities to her advantage— as she does with everyone— and as she was raised to think, she would do anything to get her way, no matter the cost.

After a brutal and bloody battle on Copero, the Traditionalist Chiss Assassins were able to kidnap Axis’ child Alend in hopes of using her as blackmail. Moreover, Acro was also interested in studying the child’s biology, intent on figuring out how the void worked for her own purposes. However, using Alena as blackmail backfired drastically. Axis was so overcome by anger and despair that he went all out on the Traditionalists, ascending to a level of power not even he was aware of— and rewrote all of Chiss history as a means to threaten Acro into handing Alena back unharmed.

In this new history, the Traditionalist houses negotiated with the other houses and came to peaceful agreements on the issues revolving around the outside galaxy, evading the Civil War. Though the Civil War still happened, people were able to glimpse into this alternate timeline where it did not happen, so much to the point that they had changes of hearts, even to the extent that the Traditionalist houses all signed truces to end the war. This left only the military regiments of the three houses still on the Traditionalist side, and even these people were still cursed with two separate sets of memories. Being able to see what could have been, and the happiness she could have had if only she were given the opportunity to embrace it— instead of off it as something necessary— finally drove Acro over the edge and into pure despair.

Flying back over to Copero, she sent a signal for Dorian to meet her on a mountain, where she openly confessed her guilt for how she manipulated and used him. Despite his prior anger, seeing her break down opened up Dorian’s soft spot once more, and he tried to comfort her. Acro could not believe that he was being genuine after how she betrayed him. Overwhelmed by the feeling of being an irredeemable, heartless person, she tried to take her life. Dorian was able to bring her to the Copero base’s medbay, where she narrowly survived and recovered.

Ever since then, she has been on house arrest on the base, monitored at all times yet given the freedom to roam the base as she pleased. However, the guilt of knowing what could have been haunted her, driving her to want to make a change for the better in the Ascendancy— a genuinely good change for once. She wanted to use her talents to unite the Chiss instead of pit them against each other, believing this was the only way to restore the Chiss’ pride.

When she found out that Rirai and Curic assassinated the heads of all the three former Traditionalist families— including her own family— she saw this as her chance to jump back into the game. After arranging careful plans with Dorian and Thrass, she sought to enact her optimistic plan of reuniting the Chiss— but she makes one major error. She forgets to take out the “no matter the cost” bit, and thus destines herself to challenge her morals all over again.

Speed: High C Combat Speed

Abilities: Extreme Mastery of Manipulation and Mental Shielding; Mastery in Saberstaffs, Ataru, Soresu, Dagger Combat, Chiss Sabre Combat, and Chiss Hand-to-Hand; Highly Proficient in Shii-Cho and Pattern Recognition; Proficient in Sniper Rifles, Carbines, and Blaster Pistols. Skilled in Throwables and Ground Vehicles.

Equipment: White-crystal Double Bladed Lightsaber; Regal Robes; 2 Hidden Cortosis Daggers; 5 undetectable Custom Poisons, capable of killing individuals in different times; several other toxins and chemical agents that can be deployed through various means.

Weaknesses: Acro has never met her match on the political chess board, and thus is extremely confident in her abilities to win people over to her goals. Those who do not fit the bill and remain unyielding in the face of her manipulations will eventually cause her to snap and likely make a costly mistake. Acro is able to target deep into someone’s personality and psyche, but she never has had the same done for her. Her frustrations and insecurities lay behind many mental barriers and false faces, but if someone extremely insightful were to expose her true internal identity issues, she will become completely unbalanced due to being in unfamiliar territory. Her lightsaber combat skills are brilliant, but a Force User of lower skill could easily beat her on the basis of being more suited to the styles of lightsaber combat. She dislikes killing deep down due to being a kind soul, which can be exploited both in and out of combat. She is extremely intelligent, and sometimes lets this get to her head.