Name: Seviss Vaa

Rank: Sith Lord

Tier: Middle 2

Background: Seviss Vaa was a male Sith Lord and a powerful member of Lord Skere Kaan's Brotherhood of Darkness during the late movements of the New Sith Wars. A scholar, Vaa took particular interest in the alchemical practices of long-dead Sith Lord Naga Sadow, and dreamed of resurrecting the lost art of Sith alchemy. Vaa hoped to create a storehouse filled with the most insidious Sithspawn pulled from the recesses of the dark side of the Force. To that end, the Sith Lord began conducting a series of experiments, hoping to devise monsters with which he could battle the Jedi.

Upon being sent to the Universe of Prophecy and finding he could not operate independently, Seviss Vaa eventually emerged from hiding to join the Confederacy, so he could continue his experiments and tests to a successful and fruitful degree.

Speed: High D

Abilities: Superhuman Strength and Durability. Extreme Mastery in Chemistry and Mental Shielding. Mastery in Form V, Trandoshan Hand-to-Hand Combat, Mechanical Mind, and Hunting/Tracking. Highly Proficient in Ground Vehicles, Dun Moch, Juyo, Treatment & Aid, Manipulation, Deception, and Espionage.

Notable Force Abilities: Extreme Mastery in Sith Alchemy and Force Lightning. Mastery in Force Valour and Sith Sorcery. Highly Proficient in Pre-Banite Sith Lord Abilities.

  • Balance = Pragmatic Fallen. Midichlorian Count = 14,659.

Equipment: Seviss Vaa’s Lightsaber; Chemicals contained within Protected Jars; Talisman of Concentration

Weaknesses: Though he can hold his own in a fight, Vaa will always prefer to use the Force to best his enemies, and thus this can be exploited by a mindful combatant; and it allows Vaa to be easily predicted in a combat scenario. Vaa is protective over his promising creations, and will not abandon them to be destroyed easily; and would rather they be preserved. This makes Vaa manipulatable over his creations. If possible, the Sith would rather use his machinations and creations in combat to test them, and thus is likely to be caught off guard by an attack when one is in use.