"Nothing makes you avoid a Mandalorian quite like having been Keldabe Handshake'd"

Interestingly, the origins of Mandalorian Hand-to-Hand Combat predate the Mandalorians themselves. The author, seemingly in their large scope of knowledge, is able to directly show the influences the style gets from the Taung, something fascinating when one looks at Mandalore as a culture; to see such influences directly prevail.

For example, the “Keldabe Handshake” actually derives from the Taung technique of ripping their opponents genitalia apart with their claws, extracting bowels through the yank that followed. Of course, due to the lack of claws, this side of the technique has not prevailed; but it should be noted the Handshake is a grip, not a swipe or punch, due to its Taung origins.

Headbutting takes a lot of place in Mandalorian Hand-to-Hand combat, once again thanks to the Taung, their bony ridges meaning the use of their head would have an extra effect, something that is now similarly mimicked by the Mandalorian’s beskar armour (and known as the “Keldabe Kiss”). Another Taung influence? Mandalorian Hand-to-Hand can include big sweeping swings from the sides, intending on bludgeoning an opponent with sheer force and causing heavy damage; something that derives from the swiping of the claws from the Taung.

Due to the typical strength of most Mandalorians, a large part of their combat style is halting an opponent’s attack with one arm, and closing in for the kill with another. With their sheer strength and a block, the Mandalorian style halts the enemies momentum, typically collapsing the energy within the knees or elbows; before releasing a terrifying strike back at the forward and over-extended opponent. This method to combat also works very well with Beskar, further stalling an opponent’s physical prowess to allow for a critical counter strike from another part of the body utilising the material.

[Mandalorians will never fail to amaze me and my planet. Like the sensation they were, I and many others can name several of our favourite movies which depicted Mandalorians kicking ass and being Mandalorians - Un'duro]