Name: Standard Chiss Naval Officer

Rank: Ensign

Tier: Middle 4

Background: Chiss Naval Officers of the CEDF are among the most well trained naval officers in the galaxy, due to the high standards of skill required for the CEDF to hold its ground against the other empires in the Unknown Regions.

Chiss Naval Officers were originally trained as diplomatic and science officers as the Chiss tried to explore the region around them, thousands of years ago, but as they began running in to more threats, the CEDF turned into a military focused organization, and as such their officers became better and better in naval combat, and began being trained to hold their own in a fight as well.

Chiss Naval Officers are trained at the Chiss Naval Academies on Copero and Naporar, before they are put into the fleet, and then serve until either their commissions are up, or if they rank up sufficiently, when they choose to retire.

Speed: Low H Combat Speed

Abilities: Proficient in Charric Maser Pistols and Mental Shielding. Skilled in Pattern Recognition, Mechanical Mind, Ship Boarding, and Slicing.

Equipment: Chiss Naval Officer’s armor, Charric Maser Pistol

Weaknesses: The Chiss Naval Officer, while tactically trained, is not built for most front line combat, and will be overwhelmed in most direct combat scenarios that were not planned for. The Chiss Naval Officer, while of superior intellect, also likes to follow the protocol of superiors they know and trust to be tactically brilliant. Finding a way to manipulate the Chiss officers’ superiors could open them up to manipulation themselves. Finally, if ever involved in ground combat, the Chiss Naval Officer is likely to find a way to favour air support or naval support, as well as using vehicles and more vehicular based tactics, not used to the complexity and unique requirements of controlling infantry.

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