Name: "Vaukh"

Rank: N/A

Tier: High 2

Background: CC-5001, nicknamed "Vaukh", goes under many names. Khuav, Janus, traitor, god. For the duration of the Clone Wars he is known for leading the 501st Strike Corps as their Marshal Commander, as well as joining the notorious Key team under Axis.

'Khuav' was a 24 year old male living on a simple, peaceful and isolated planet as a member of a local tribe. He was warrior of the Gerraho, the primitive defence force of such, where he was known to be the best fighter in staff combat.

In 22 BBY, Khuav's village and home were destroyed, and his people driven out of their home by clones, when his planet became a battleground in the newly raging Clone Wars. Most of the people he had known died in the following fires, including his uncle who he had prepared with for an upcoming trial before.

Khuav, managing to escape the carnage and primarily blaming the man in charge of the operation, called Admiral Tarkin, for it adopted a philosophy in brief isolation and came into contact with a being called Janus, which may be an imagination of his own, at an undisclosed point in time. Using his uncanny similarity to Jango Fett, except for his voice which was noticeable deeper, he then infiltrated Kamino through unknown means. He took on the persona of a new generation Commander and was sent to take over the leadership of the 501st legion, whose late Clone Commander Appo needed a replacement.

Arriving on the Sims I briefly after it departed Odessen 'Vaukh', as he now called himself, was a noticeable figure with his two-faced armour design and matching tattoo on the skin. This was in honour of his belief in Janus, god of two faces and crossroads. After arriving his behavior unnoticeably changed, when after having an initial drink with his fellow troopers, he kept social distance from most of them, and while proving to be an admirable leader and administrator in and out of combat, which earned him the respect of the clones as well as his enemy Tarkin who was assigned to the ship, he spent most of his time occupying the ships training room to an uncanny degree.

As 2 months passed and Vaukh displayed not only unusually advanced interrogation technique but also a rare degree of discipline in comparison to the other clones of the Third Systems Army, he became a closer confidant to Tarkin, who was however soon unsettled by his unemotional and cold appearance and behavior. When an emergency procedure hit the flagship of the 3SA, people were guided to the training room. While Vaukh and Tarkin were discussing the issue there the contraptions in the room started turning on the clones and Tarkins guard with lethal force. Vaukh pulled Tarkin into a nearby room to protect him, ordering Tarkins guards to contain the threat.

Behind the closed doors Vaukh revealed his 'true' identity, pulling his helmet off to reveal a commando droid faceplate. The 'real' Vaukh had been replaced after his first day all this time by an assassin droid tasked with killing Tarkin. The daily training had been a farce to give him time to sabotage the training room. Admiral Tarkin managed to take the droid down before it could murder him, the droid initiated self destruct mode before there was a further chance to analyse and find out who sent it.

Vaukh himself was found tied up and allowed to continue to lead the 501st, due to him being contained and replaced through no fault of his own. Unknown to the inhabitants of the ship Khuav himself had programmed the droid and faked his abduction to clear him of all future suspicion.

When the Third Systems Army was tasked to invade the planet Umbara under Jedi General Pong Krell Vaukh was the main developer of orders and battleplans although he himself remained out of picture and on the flagship, coordinating with General Krell closely, unknown to most troops and withdrawing the Sims from support position after the first battle due to claims of Umbaran anti-air and blockade pressure.

During the 501sts harsh campaign on Umbara which took many lives they began to realize the enemies leader named The Major was taking orders from a being or person called 'Janus' which seemed to be solidified in the Umbaran culture. This name appeared everywhere to the point where its identity was a riddle, but the Umbarans constantly seemed two steps ahead.

Trooper Echo was able to receive a datapad with a transmission from Janus to the Umbarans but was captured by GAR forces for his vigilante war crimes before being able to decrypt it.

Speed: Low B Combat Speed

Abilities: The Mastery in Staffs, Manipulation, Espionage, and Deception. Extreme Mastery in Mental Shielding. Mastery in Slicing, Pattern Recognition, Improvised Hand-to-Hand Combat, and Dun Moch. Highly Proficient in Martial Weapons, Ground Vehicles, Throwables, Explosives, Mechanical Mind, and Survival Skills. Proficient in Blaster Rifles and Blaster Pistols. Skilled in Jetpacks.

Equipment: Mastery with Umbaran Blaster Pistols; Vaukh’s Staff; Vaukh’s Armour; Utility Belt with: Ammunition, Grappling Hook, Basic Medical Supplies, Multitool.

Weaknesses: Vaukh suffers from the certain arrogance that goes along with unshaken belief in his own intellect, choices, and planning. This can be exploited by a clever or deceptive opponent, who can make Vaukh believe he has the advantage. While he is adaptable and beyond almost every outside manipulation or emotional weakness, his past is a sore spot for him, a knife one can twist if they need to spur some kind of emotional advantage. He is bound to his own code of crossroads for everyone. even if his somewhat twisted sense of morality allows him to justify going around it at times, and thus one can use the idea of choice to extend a fight, or lure Vaukh into a trap. Vaukh is far less optimal at range, and this should be used in order to gain a significant combat advantage over the man.