Name: CT-6183 “Jaws”

Rank: Republic Major

Tier: High 1


Speed: High A Visibility | High F

Abilities: Insane Strength and Durability, cannot feel pain. Extreme Mastery in Knights of Prakith Hand-to-Hand combat. Mastery with Prakith Hand-to-Hand Combat. Highly Proficient with Sniper Rifles and Blaster Pistols. Proficient in Mental Shielding, Blaster Rifles, Blaster Cannons and Blaster Carbines. Skilled with Ground Vehicles and Explosives.

Equipment: The Mastery of Crush Gauntlets; High Proficiency with Wrist Flamethrower; DC-17; DC-15x sniper rifle; Clone Trooper Armour.

Weaknesses: Jaws takes a very laid back approach to fighting, and going all out right from the beginning will allow one to get the jump on him. Jaws, while being incredibly strong and durable, is not very fast despite his enhanced perception. Jaws suffers from a terrible sickness, and likely when he awakens from his coma, will be far physically weaker until he fully recovers from his illness. Jaws prefers to defeat enemies before they can see him, and as such, forcing him to hide away with the prospect of hidden enemies could do wonders against him. Can lose his temper if his friends are hurt or pushed too far. Jaws is near unbeatable at close quarters, so going with the ranged approach will undoubtedly put him down.