"The only thing worse than a basic AI who thinks it is good at sword fighting is a basic AI who also thinks it is funny..."

Programmed Sabre Combat is quite simple. It is not a form within itself, it is simply a computer reacting to each strike individually. Putting it bluntly, there isn’t much to say about this form.

The droid or artificial intelligence counters each strike without any particular flow to its next action, a fight broken down into a million calculated actions that do not affect one another in terms of the droid’s prediction. This fight continues until the opponent tires or an obvious opening is found by the program. On the offensive, the program merely strikes calculated, going for any part of the body until it works. A simple but somewhat effective strategy.

This makes the program easy to fool, and thus allowing it to fall for false openings would cause issues. Using factors outside the sabre combat itself will likely strain the programming as well, forcing the droid/AI to depend on other protocols and programs.