Name: NC-010 "Beans"

Rank: Nimbus Commando

Tier: High 3

Background: NC-010, otherwise known as "Beans", was a member of the Confederacy of Independent Systems' elite special operations team known as the Nimbus Commandos. He joined them after his parents were murdered by the Loyalist army. This was where he met what would become some of his best friends, NC Rostam, NC Falcon, NC Reaper and NC Flauros.

He fought many battles for the CIS, and was eventually sent on a special mission to Mandalore with Flauros and Falcon. It was here he met Axis and Annalise. Together they staged a revolution on Mandalore. Eventually this lead to the creation of the Key team. It was during the mission with the key team that the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and the Grand Army of the Republic decided to break off their alliance. Being with troops from the republic at the time made Beans choose the Republic over the CIS.

But eventually he decided that neither of the sides were ones he supported, So he settled down on Jabiim, where he became a bean farmer.

Speed: Low C Combat Speed

Abilities: Mastery in Improvised Hand-to-Hand Combat, Blaster Rifles, Espionage, and Jabiim Sabre Combat. High Proficiency in Sniper Rifles. Proficient in Deception, Martial Weapons, Treatment & Aid, Ground Vehicles, Blaster Pistols, and explosives. Skilled in Shotguns, Throwables, and Slugthrowers. Begun Training in Jetpacks.

Equipment: Techno Union Shielded Jetpack; Energy Shield; Aid Kit with: Stims, Bandages, Bacta Spray; 2 Thermal Detonators; 2 EMP Grenades; 2 Smoke Grenades; Cloaking Device; Beskar Spear; NC Blaster Rifle; Nimbus Commando Armour

Weaknesses: Beans will do anything for those who he considers family, having lost his original family. As such, one could simply kill him via exhaustion as they watch the man push his body to the limits to save those he cares about. Taking these people hostage will also set Beans off into a determined rage, something that can easily be used against him with his distracted concentration. Mentioning his old family will also set him off, likely causing his battle prowess to decline massively. Finally, Beans cannot operate as a lone wolf. Splitting him up from his party will decrease his mood and combat effectiveness by a great amount.