Name: Standard Galactic Clone Marine

Rank: Private

Tier: High 4

Background: The Galactic Marines, originally known as the 21st Nova Corps of Systems Army Dorn, was an elite unit that was created as the Grand Army of the Republic diversified during the Clone Wars.

Speed: Low G Combat Speed

Abilities: High Proficiency in Ground Vehicles, Environmental Conditioning, Throwables, and Vehicle Boarding. Proficient in Blaster Rifles, Jetpacks, and Dagger Combat.

Perk: Out Of The Frying Pan

  • If the 21st loses more than 3 members in an event, they get a +1 increase to all their weapons proficiencies.

Equipment: Highly Proficient in DC-15A and DC-15s; Phase 2 Marine Armour; 1 Combat Dagger; 5 Thermal Grenades; 1 Incendiary Grenade; Utility Belt with: Ammunition, Grappling Hook, Basic Medical Supplies, Multitool; Skilled with Slugthrower Shotgun.

Weaknesses: The Galactic Marines are extremely aggressive and will go out of their way to cause excessive destruction. One could use this to their advantage and get them to waste their resources on a target that has little significant. The marines will not leave any man behind under any circumstances. This could prove to be disastrous in an untenable combat scenario. The Galactic Marines also never surrender, and in situations where they are obviously outmatched, they will be slaughtered without hesitation.