Name: Vetra Solus

Rank: Dark Acolyte

Tier: Middle 2

Background: Vetra Solus is a force sensitive female working for the CIS as a member of the dark acolytes, she is almost always in a mask or is hiding herself in one way or another. She always hides herself in her mask, her cloak or her shadow matrix to remain invisible and avoid detection, her lack of social skills and inability to speak making it extremely hard for her to talk apart from her pre recorded messages that she uses for infiltration and to supplement her disguises. She is constantly anxious and remains silent in her free time, her burnt vocal cords completely unusable.

Speed: Middle C

Abilities: Extreme Mastery in Stealth Generators. Mastery in Ground Vehicles and Kaleesh Sabre Combat. Highly Proficient in Mental Shielding, Blaster Rifles, Throwables, Kaleesh Hand-to-Hand, Deception, Espionage, and Juyo. Proficient in Makashi, Mechanical Mind, Traps, Dun Moch, Manipulation, Explosives, and Environmental Conditioning. Skilled in Slicing and Shii-Cho.

Notable Force Abilities: Extreme Mastery in Force Stealth. Highly Proficient in Dark Acolyte Abilities.

  • Balance = Neutral Fallen. Midichlorian Count = 16,747.

Equipment: Vibroblade; Mastery with E5 Blaster Rifle; Shadow Matrix; Steel Kaleesh Mask; Cloak; Vetra’s Lightsaber.

Weaknesses: Vetra is unable to talk at all, so she struggles in communication with allies, especially in vital moments. As such, cutting off other senses or isolating her would be an excellent strategy in reducing her effectiveness. She has a complete lack of skill in comparison to her other attributes in terms of lightsaber forms, and thus a skilled Lightsaber combatant should get close and personal, overwhelming her with a multitude of attacks that she is not able to handle. If she is discovered early in one of her ruses, or discovered despite her use of Force Stealth, she will become greatly unbalanced; something that should be exploited by a mindful combatant. The lower portion of Vetra’s spine is cybernetic, and an EMP of any variety would disable it and render her unable to move.