"There is a firm difference between swinging a sword and cutting with it"

An umbrella term in my opinion, and yet it seems to be consistent in describing the sword combat of a great deal of people. Unrefined and chaotic, I akin this to Juyo, at least in mentality. There is no set method or style for this type of fighting, and ability merely relies on how much the user has practised and understands sabre combat (different to any basic person picking up a sword, performing swings and blocks).

The objective is to cut, disarm or kill your opponent; the method of doing so has no set consistency. Usually it adapts to the opponent, and while not a form, it does have significant skill and finesse depending on how well the practitioner practised. The style itself, while not having set moves, does take skill to do; and practitioners are leagues above any fool who can grip the handle of a sabre.