Name: Te'vraat

Rank: Jedi Initiate

Tier: High 4

Background: Te'vraat is a Ssi Ruu Jedi Youngling, having been an initiate for 4 years under Master Cin Dralig, formerly Master Pong Krell and after the Day of Chaos, Master Thane Menthis. The youngling often stands out to many of the Jedi in the temple, and any of the guests who arrived, his large size and intimidating appearance reminding some more of a Sith rather than the look of a Jedi. This is not helped by the Ssi Ruu's naturally strong red scales and his carnivorous diet. However, he is the epitome of Master Yoda's teachings of how appearances are not everything.

As once you look past his intimidating visage, you find a sweet boy who merely loves dinosaurs and wants to be like the heroes he idolises, the temple guards. He harbours a rare adoration of them, seeing as what they do as a massive sacrifice as they give away their identity and who they are to protect the servants of the force and serve the force by proxy. He often spends time watching them, daydreaming of what it would be like to hold the temple and defend it against those who would seek to do the Jedi harm.

Speed: Low G

Abilities: Beyond Peak Human Strength and Durability. Enhanced Senses. Proficient in Form V. Skilled in Mental Shielding, Temple Hand-to-Hand, Throwables, Survival Skills, Environmental Conditioning, Shii-Cho, Soresu, Ataru, Saberstaffs, and Niman. Begun Training in Makashi.

Notable Force Abilities: Mastery in Animal Bond and Force Empathy. Highly Proficient in Standard Youngling Abilities. Proficient in Force Guidance. Begun Training in Tutaminis, Force Weapon, and Unrefined Crucitorn.

  • Balance = 46. Midichlorian Count = 13,266.

Equipment: Te'vraat's Lightsaber; Training Saberstaff; Jedi Robes; Jedi Rebreather; Cybernetic Claws

Weaknesses: Te’vraat is completely unable to sense or see the Force, relying on his faith and belief in it. Not only does this somewhat decrease the accuracy of his own abilities, but he is also unable to see Force abilities approaching him. Thus, one can completely abuse him with offensive Force abilities, and there is little he can do about it. If his belief in the Force was shattered by a manipulative combatant, it would greatly reduce his effectiveness completely. Given the nature of his cybernetic claws, EMP’s and other such electronic disabling methods would cause his digits to cease to work, reducing his combat effectiveness by a large degree.