"Who would have thought a style that encourages one to stand still and stare deep into the opponent's eyes could be quite so fun!"

Jabiim Sabre Combat emphasises one thing, which is locking one’s opponent in place. To be Jabiim is to be proud, and as such, they stand their ground and look into the eyes of their opponent as they die. Jabiim Sabre Combat focuses on engaging one’s opponent into a sabre lock, at which point, the positioning of the legs and back, and specific training done to learn this form means that unless an opponent is overwhelmingly strong, the user will always win the sabre lock. This will result in the death of one’s opponent most of the time.

[Sabre locks, while fascinating, don't happen as much as they should. A shame quite frankly, given their spectacle - Un'duro]

As such, those with knowledge of Jabiim Sabre Combat should be advised to not engage in a sabre lock, instead focusing on sharp, fast movements that will overwhelm the rest of the rather techniqueless Sabre form. Staying on one’s feet is also vital. Slow, heavy sabre styles are extremely dangerous to use against a practitioner of this particular sabre style.