"I've never quite understood the need to pretend to be drunk, when actually getting drunk is so much easier. Well, it used to be..."

The element of surprise. That is one thing this style exemplifies. Striking the opponent in ways one does not expect, a kick to the jaw from the typical straight may instead come sharply from beneath. It is nigh impossible to describe Drunken Hand-to-Hand, and even more impossible to predict. Even those with precognition from the Force, or the ability to recognise patterns would not be able to predict how a master of this style will strike. Perhaps even the Echani are unable to figure this out, the style too random and chaotic to be utilised in a game of wits.

[Having been unable to predict many a drunk person, I am quite inclined to agree. I'd hate to even go near a master of this style - Un'duro]

While the strikes may seem sloppy, and the movements may seem to come from that of a poorly trained practitioner; the style will take anyone by surprise. As such, it is advised to either go for an aggressive and powerful front, or to engage from a distance outside the confines of hand-to-hand combat.