Name: The Singer

Rank: Siren of the Void

Tier: Middle 2

Background: Lydia was a Siren of the Void, a species from the Void known for their childish and trickster like ways, and was a descendent of the Trickster and therefore, the Key.

After having Void Walked into the Universe of Prophecy, Lydia first landed on a planet known as Kashyyyk. Her time in there was short as she was advised to leave by a Jedi known as "Arye Prays". Though not liking being told what to do given the free nature of her species, she recognized him being a powerful being, as she didn't manage to tear through his mental defences. Having a reason not to cause trouble on the planet, she was given a shuttle and an astromech, and departed from the planet. The Singer eventually wound up on Dagobah, where she encountered the "Trickster", the being to which her species was created from.

Speed: High C

Abilities: Superhuman Strength and Durability. Extreme Mastery in Shapeshifting, Deception, and Manipulation. Mastery in Telepathy, Environmental Conditioning, Camouflage, Espionage, Telepathic Mind Reading, Telepathic Illusions, Siren’s Call, and Void Tendrils. Highly Proficient in Void Sense, Aerial Hand-to-Hand Combat, Throwables, Mental Shielding, and Void Touch. Proficient in Spears, Hunting/Tracking, Wood Manipulation, Void Clone, and Clawed Combat. Skilled in Void Cloak, Void Mist, Traps, and Void Walking. Begun Training in Reality Warping and Animal Handling.

Equipment: Zarfa; Begun Training in Westar-20 Blaster Pistol and Czerka Outlander Slugthrower Rifle

Weaknesses: The Singer avoids physical combat at nearly all costs, preferring to use their mental techniques over all faculties of fighting, and thus various methods in fighting against her mental-based attacks would be the best way of defeating her. Hypothetically, if one were to generate a perfect wall of highly-intense radiation, it could reflect the Siren’s most basic telepathic effects onto herself; upon which it would be possible that the Siren would render themself subject to their own will, potentially placing them in a catatonic state. The Siren herself could be distracted by magic tricks, or any such similar entertainment, and would render her open to attack; unless she discovered a method of cheating within the trick. The Siren’s true form is made of a wood-like substance, and ignition-based attacks could prove to be highly effective. When under the Siren’s telepathic spell, it is possible that inflicting major pain to the body could break one temporarily from the spell, perhaps giving an opening to attack The Singer.