Name: Standard Cheludo Soldier

Rank: Soldier

Tier: Low 3

Speed: Low D Visibility | Low E Combat Speed

Abilities: Superhuman Strength and Durability. Highly Proficient in Cheludo Hand-to-Hand Combat, Shield Combat, and Cheludo Greatsword Combat. Proficient in Cheludo Sledgehammer Combat, Cheludo Battleaxe Combat, and Medieval Siege Weapons. Skilled in Animal Handling, Throwing Knives, Staffs, and Mental Shielding.

Perk: Kappa!

  • A Cheludo Soldier can charge forward and extend their arms out, pushing any enemy, without taking any damage or failing, for 20 seconds.

Equipment: Cheludo Soldier Armour; Cheludo Battle Axe; Cheludo Shield.

Weaknesses: The Cheludo are highly defensive, both in combat style and physique, having a high constitution. However, this means they are slow, and thus a smaller opponent could dance around them. Somehow flipping the Cheludo on their back, so they fall on their shell, would leave them open for attack. The exposed flesh is an obvious target, but so is the weaker underbelly, though the Cheludo is likely to not expose such a part without concentrated effort on the aggressor’s part.

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