Name: Agent "Ordo" 66

Rank: Assassin

Tier: Low 1

Background: Agent “Ordo” 66, also known as 66, Agent 66, Dave Ordo, Matto Ordo, and Ordo, is a human clone who was created to be the Galaxy’s Greatest Assassin with the DNA of five crime lords. 66 lived in an abandoned asylum turned into a laboratory until he escaped it in his early 20s. He lived in a village for a bit before he eventually snuck onto a ship going to Mandalore.

While on Mandalore, 66 became an assassin and bounty hunter and later turned into a Mandalorian under Death Watch. It was during that time he got the name he is now known as, Ordo. At the start of the Clone Wars, Ordo was hired to work for the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the conflict to fight the Grand Army of the Republic. Nearly year after the war started, Ordo formed the Galactic Contracts Agency with Sora Bulq and Tobias Beckett, around the same time the Shadow Collective was created by Mail. It lasted for a few months before the GAR and CIS took it out, forcing Ordo to fake his death.

Soon after, Ordo would retire from being an assassin/bounty hunter. He tried to live a normal live on Alderaan, but unfortunately someone he had grown close to was put in danger so he went back to his roots to save them. This marked the end of his retirement because a few days later Ordo would return to the Shadow Collective, now known as the Galactic Syndicate. Coincidentally, at the same time Ordo returned, the Sundari Riots would occur on Mandalore. These riots were the reason why Ordo would meet Axis, someone who became a prominent figure to him. The assassin remained on Mandalore for several months before he noticed the huge bounties on Nar Shaddaa.

Ordo took the chance with them and he went to Nar Shaddaa. While he didn’t complete any of the bounties, he encountered Athena Corrick, who he promised to help her complete her revenge against the mob that killed her parents. He also met Axis once again. During their encounter, Axis learned about how lonely Ordo was and he recruited him into the Key Team, giving the assassin the compassion he truly deserved. This resulted in Ordo feeling like he owed Axis after he was the first person to treat him like a human in a long time.

Ordo helped Key Team out with a few missions before returning to Nar Shaddaa to help Athena achieve her revenge. The two of them assassinated two of the mob’s high ranking members and during the third Ordo, Athena, and their target were dealt with by knock out gas. When he awoke, he noticed that the two women were gone, meaning that the leader of the mob must have taken Athena as a hostage. The assassin set off to rescue Athena and eliminate the mob head at his headquarters. At the headquarters, he fought and beat the mob’s top assassin in a sword fight. He also let the mob head escape, however he successfully managed to escape with Athena and recover his stolen ship. The pair went off to reunite with Key Team on the Chimaera II, where they currently await for their next task.

Speed: Low B Visibility | High C Combat Speed

Abilities: Extreme Mastery in all forms of Blaster Weaponry, Espionage, Deception, and Mental Shielding. Mastery in Slugthrowers, Rocket Launchers, Hunting/Tracking, Weapon Instinct, Mechanical Mind, Throwables, Explosives, Traps, Chemistry, Ground Vehicles, Survival Skills, Environmental Conditioning, Dagger Combat, and Slicing. Highly Proficient in Grenade Launchers, Ship Boarding, Vehicle Boarding, Custom Hand-to-Hand Style, Projectors, and Camouflage. Proficient in Treatment & Aid, Cloaking Devices, Manipulation, and Combat Assimilation. Skilled in Mandalorian Hand-to-Hand Combat, Improvised Sabre Combat, Soresu, and Jetpacks. Begun Training in Aerial Hand-to-Hand Combat and Form V.

Equipment: The Mastery in Dual Silverballer Pistols and Ghost Rifle; Custom Jetpack; Absolution; Tactical Briefcase; Dual Vambraces; Five Explosive Rubber Ducks; Grapnel Gun; Dual Mark of the Assassin Daggers; The Blade of Akuma

Weaknesses: Ordo does not play well with others at all, going out of his way to follow his own plans even at the expense of his allies. The mission is the only thing that matters, and as such, Ordo’s combat effectiveness decreases drastically when playing with others. He refuses to teach or guide those who seek it, keeping his skills to himself. He also cannot learn from others, seeing himself as someone who should learn skills on their own. He has a soft spot for children, and employing a young agent to sabotage him would work tremendously well. He will never back down from the mission, even in the face of High 0s like Yoda or Sidious. This is likely to get him killed one day. Ordo feels in complete debt to Axis, and as such, a knowledgeable combatant can twist this in a combat scenario to their advantage.