Name: Xesh

Rank: Force Hound

Tier: High 1

Background: Xesh was a Force-sensitive Human male who was captured and enslaved as a baby by the Rakatan Infinite Empire to become a Force Hound, the elite shadow warriors of the Empire. Branded with the Aurebesh letter Xesh on his face, back, and arms, he was trained extensively in the dark side of the Force, through training and torture alike. Throughout his life, Xesh would be forced into gladiatorial death matches against other Force Hounds on Byss, honing his skills and climbing over thousands of corpses to become a Force Hound. Xesh excelled as a warrior and under the Infinite Empire, he located and conquered countless Force-rich planets, defeating and killing countless in the process.

In service of the Empire, Xesh located and conquered countless Force-rich planets, defeating and killing countless in the process. and was considered to be the best Force Hound in the entire galaxy by the year 25,793 BBY, when he was tasked with finding a Force-strong planet in the Deep Core, named Tython.

Xesh was successful in finding a path to the world, which was the planet Tython, but Tul'kar's starship Devourer exploded over Tython and Xesh found himself the only survivor—only to be confronted by Shae Koda, Tasha Ryo, and Sek'nos Rath: three young Je'daii Journeyers, members of an order of Force-sensitive warriors, scholars, and healers. Believing the Je'daii to be warriors like himself, Xesh fought them before fleeing into the canyon known as the Rift. However, Xesh's arrival on Tython caused a powerful Force storm that began to sweep across the planet, leading the Je'daii to pursue the dark stranger into the Rift. After witnessing Shae Koda's use of the light side of the Force in defense of her friends, a power that was alien and intoxicating to Xesh, the Force Hound joined the Je'daii in battling the Infinite Empire.

Due to his nature as a Fallen Jedi, Senators complained to the Jedi on how the Force Hound's nature violates the Ruusan Reformation. To mitigate this, the Council officially excommunicated him from the order.

And then, he found himself in the Universe of Prophecy, where he proceeded to get involved with local galactic affairs alongside the Jedi.

Speed: Middle C

Abilities: Beyond Peak Human Strength and Durability. The Master of Rakatan Forcesaber Combat. The Mastery in Environmental Conditioning and Mental Shielding. Extreme Mastery of Weapon Instinct. Mastery in Hunting/Tracking, Dun Moch, Jar'kai, Deception, Survival Skills, and Improvised Hand-to-Hand. Proficient in Pattern Recognition. Skilled in Manipulation. Begun training in Telekinetic Lightsaber Combat.

Notable Force Abilities: The Mastery of Force Barrier. Extreme Mastery in basic Dark Side abilities, Force Lightning, Battle Meditation, Tutaminis, and standard Knight Light Side abilities. Mastery of Force Energy, Force Sever, Force Body, Chain Lightning, Lightning Shield, Protection Bubble, Force Wave, Force Maelstrom, Deadly Sight, Force Kill, and Force Shadow. Proficient in Force Repulse, Mind Trick, and Force Storm (Wormhole Variant). Skilled in Sith Alchemy and Combustion.

  • Balance = Pragmatic Fallen. Midichlorian Count = 15,012.

Equipment: Xesh’s Forcesaber; Xesh’s Combat Armour; Blade of Beginnings

Weaknesses: Although he has access to the Mind Trick and other mental abilities, Xesh is reluctant to use them in the thick of battle due to his training as a shadow warrior. Many of his stronger abilities also take considerable concentration, so keeping pressure on him will limit his use of them, Xesh underestimates those from the modern era, especially due to their differing ideologies. Use this arrogance against him. If Xesh sinks too deep into Rakatan Saber Combat, he will be nearly impossible to draw out of a 1v1, and yet he will also not be able to be predicted in his actions by any means (See Rakatan Saber Combat). Going on the aggressive or attacking with multiple opponents is key. Xesh’s past as a slave weighs over him heavily, and asserting oneself as his master will likely cause him to fly off the handle.