Name: Droideka

Rank: Battle Droid

Tier: Middle 4

Background: The droideka (a compound word combining the Basic word "droid" with the Colicoid suffix eka, meaning "hireling" or "drone"), also called the destroyer droid (destroyers for short), death balls, wheel droid, roller, or rollies in clone trooper slang, was a type of heavy battle droid used by the Trade Federation and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. It gained a reputation for deadliness over the course of the Clone Wars.

Droid commanders such as General Grievous favoured the droideka for its resilience and firepower, as well as the fear it could instil in even the most powerful Jedi. They were also used for executions. They were deployed in many battles over the course of the Clone Wars, such as Muunilinst, usually in moderate numbers due to their cost, and were also used as guards in various Confederate installations. Trade Federation and Confederate Navy also utilized droidekas as security droids aboard their ships.

Speed: High G Visibility | High E Movement Speed (when folded) | High I (when upright)

Abilities: None

Perk: Master, Destroyers!

  • When faced with Droideka, Jedi Padawans will have a -1 tier in their speed.

Equipment: Highly Proficient with Twin Rapid Fire blaster cannons; Deflector Shield.

Weaknesses: They have little thinking capacity and only have a "shoot it till it stops moving" kind of programming. They have a tendency to fixate on a single target, which leaves them open to attacks from the flanks or rear by the target's allies. The deflector shield is inactive when they are folded, which leaves them open to disabling shots from heavy blaster rifles or quarrel based sniper rifles; and heavy weapons, such as grenade launchers; and of course, Force Waves from Force adepts which can outright shatter them to pieces. Sustained punishment can cause their deflector shield generators to overload and short out. The deflector shield does not protect them from telekinesis. They can be lifted up by a Force adept, and then have a thermal detonator or EMP grenade rolled under them, which will spell their end. Skilled enough Force adepts can potentially outright destroy a shielded droideka with the Force. They cannot fold their arms and the deflector shield will not stop a physical object moving through it at slow enough speeds (though it will stop something moving at even moderate speeds). An adult human of average size can potentially literally walk through its deflector shield from any side and proceed to drop a grenade or stab with a vibroblade. Droideka are slow when upright, and struggle with harsh terrain. Do not be fooled, as a droideka can put down the strongest of Force Users if they are handled incorrectly.

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