Name: Standard Eternal Sith Empire Trooper

Rank: Trooper

Tier: Middle 4

Background: The standard unit of the Eternal Sith Empire, typically composed of organics who go through rigorous brainwashing.

Speed: Middle H Combat Speed

Abilities: Proficient in Blaster Rifles and Jetpacks.

Perk: For The Emperor!

  • EE Troopers have their weaknesses removed when Valkorian is on the battlefield/planetary system.

Equipment: YV-24 Starforged Blaster Rifle; Skilled in Flamethrower; Jetpack; Basic First Aid Kit; 1 Thermal Detonator.

Weaknesses: The Eternal Empire Troopers fear their superiors, having been struck down by enough Sith to know the consequences of failure. As such, if one has enough skill in manipulation, the Eternal Empire Troopers can be convinced to route or even fight against them if they are convinced of their survival. This will not work in proximity to Valkorian, who has enough influence to convince them to stay, unless one has the Mastery or above in Manipulation. The Eternal Empire Troopers loathe the Skytroopers in every sense of the word, and need no prompting to shoot one if they see the opportunity. This could be used to cause panic in the ranks and further disarray.

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