Name: R5-D4

Rank: Jedi Knight

Tier: High 2

Background: R5-D4 was the first Force-sensitive droid in recorded history, having revolutionised and changed the ideologies of Sith and Jedi alike by his mere existence. Discovered by Mace Windu on a mission to Dantooine 5 years before the Battle of Naboo, R5-D4 is strong in the Force and a smart droid to boot. Having been taken in by the Order, he became a Jedi Knight with initial hesitation and doubt by the Council and the rest of the Order. But he proved them all wrong and is now a trusted and respected member of the Jedi.

Speed: Middle C/High I

Abilities: Extreme Mastery in the Telekinetic Lightsaber Combat Technique and Espionage. Mastery in Mechanical Mind, Pattern Recognition, Deception, and Slicing. Highly Proficient in Crafting and Explosives.

Notable Force Abilities: Cannot learn Tutaminis. The Mastery in Force Vision and Precognition, being capable of experiencing extremely accurate Force Visions. Highly proficient in Force Repulse and Standard Knight Light Side abilities. Skilled Malacia and Force Wave. Begun Training in Force Flash.

  • Balance = 19.

Equipment: 5 Lightsabers.

Weaknesses: Being a droid means there is a weakness of EMP susceptibility. Utilising a technique such as Dun Moch or using a Ysalamiri will weaken or outright stop the Telekinetic Lightsaber technique. Cannot use tutaminis due to droid circuitry, however, being a droid provides a life of immortality against ageing. However, the droid circuitry also means that this droid has less mobility than a human force user. Using the Dominate Mind technique or an Illusion to produce a vision that would normally be considered accurate, but can be manipulated to make R5 do anything you want is highly plausible.