Name: Kod Saxon

Rank: Bounty Hunter

Tier: Middle 3

Background: Kod Saxon was born on Concordia. His father was Deanx Saxon, however, his mother died during childbirth. He was raised by his father and the Saxon Clan. teaching him martial arts, weapon knowledge and usage, tactics, diplomacy, driving, scouting, and the skills necessary to survive. Kod used sniper rifles since he turned 16, and has a tendency to use explosives; the latter being somewhat of an obsession.

At 22 years old, the Republic invaded Concordia during the First Battle of Mandalore. Kod fought the Republic as a proud Deathwatch member, despite the planet ultimately being strip-mined. During the battle, Kod was informed of his father's death while fighting a clone squad at one of the many mines of Concordia, and went on a rampage, as he attempted to hand out death to every single clone around him. Kod managed to take down the clone squad, and then bested the squad sergeant in single-combat, fulfilling his bloodlust. The only person Kod had after his father's death was the woman who had informed him of the death in the first place, that being his best friend Jesne.

After the death of his father, Kod buried himself in the workings of Deathwatch. During the Republic occupation of Concordia, Kod was part of a raid on one of the beskar mines , where he and his squad detonated the mine after clearing it out of Republic forces. Later during the Republic occupation of Concordia, Kod and his squad took part in destroying a Republic supply outpost, however, unknown to Kod and his group, the beskar hidden within survived and was transported off planet later. Kod was later defeated during a mission to capture the battalion commander in charge of the beskar operations on the moon, but it was in fact a scheme by the Republic to eliminate Kod and his squad. The slaughter of Kod's men took place quickly, though he managed to escape with the dying Jesne. As she died in Kod's arms, he knew he had to hide from the Republic from now on.

A year later, Kod arrived on Mandalore, disgusted by his cowardice and the war in general; realising it had taken everything away from him. Mandalore was a way of leaving his past behind him, and thus he joined the Mandalorian Scout Forces under the Galactic Syndicate to bury his past in working.

Speed: High E Combat Speed

Abilities: Mastery in Sniper Rifles. Highly Proficient in Jetpacks, Mandalorian Hand-to-Hand, Explosives, Mental Shielding, Deception, and Slicing. Proficient in Weapon Instinct, Grenade Launchers, Survival Skills, Improvised Sabre Combat, Hunting/Tracking, Blaster Rifles, Blaster Carbines, Cloaking Devices, Slugthrowers, and Throwables. Skilled in Ground Vehicles, Camouflage, and Traps. Begun Training in Blaster Pistols.

Equipment: Mandalorian Scout Beskar Armour; Z-6 jetpack; Proficient in Flamethrower and Wrist Rocket Launchers with Vambraces; Cloaking Devices; 5 Thermal Detonators; Rations; Binoculars; DC-19 Stealth Sniper Rifle; Beskar Dagger; 2 Westar Blasters; 3 Explosive Charges; 2 Shock Grenades; 2 Smoke Grenades; Scramble Key; Custom Mandalorian Sword; 2 Electric Bolas.

Weaknesses: Kod prefers using thermal detonators and explosives to cause havoc, and as such, is moderately predictable in their strategy and thus making them easy to counter. Furthermore, detonating the thermal while it is on his person will cause Kod to explode like nothing else, given the chain reaction from all his grenades and explosives. Saxon also prefers fighting at a distance, and can only rely on hand-to-hand if one can get that close to them. Aiming for their exposed parts is also a good way to take Kod down, as the armour does not cover his whole body. If an explosion occurs, Kod is likely to stop and look at it, especially one that is big, and as such; this moment of distraction can be used against him. Kod is under the manipulations of Bly, and if one were to attempt to successfully subvert that in combat, it could cause Kod a great deal of distraction and confusion. Kod still has trauma related to his past, and finding a way to bring that to the forefront of his mind during combat would be highly effective in reducing his effectiveness.