"Korun Hand-to-Hand... the only style where I don't feel boring for saying 'Do not try this at home'"

Now this is one, for obvious reasons, I feel qualified to talk about. There is one thing of importance to note about Korun Hand-to-Hand Combat. It is a brutal and devastating style, one which is a very easy path to the Dark Side if not employed correctly and with an emphasis on holding back.

[I wish I could say there weren't reports of the law enforcement sometimes forgetting that last bit - Un'duro]

My utilisation of the style of Dantooine was most effective against droids, and thus I could attack without holding back, but to use it against organic lifeforms is a touch more barbaric. The feeling of splintered bone and shattered organs is not one to relish in, especially not for a Jedi.

The style exemplifies controlled force, with the use of open palmed strikes and crippling punches. Grabbing the opponent is also highly common, not to grapple or to throw, but in order to forcefully shift them in a disadvantageous position, typically with their back or side to the user. This allows for a series of brutal and deadly strikes to take place. The Korun style does not move for an enemy, an enemy moves for it. Forcefully opening their guard by shifting enemies with a pivot, allowing for strikes to take place quickly in the enemy’s open guard.

The style typically aims for joints in quick and powerful jabs as well, with the intent of shattering them, before following up with a brutal assault. To push the enemy into a disadvantageous position using palms and elbows, before striking with fists. That is the method.

[I am glad that before he was gone, Mace left us with so many lessons. And taught us so much. It is at times you realise how much people mean to you only after they're gone. Mace was that to all of us. As a guardian, a teacher, and a friend; our planet was far brighter with his presence, teachings, and influence. And I would be hard pressed to find someone on this planet who does not feel the same way...]