Name: Adi Gallia (Deceased)

Rank: Jedi Master

Tier: Low 1

Background: Adi Gallia, a Force-sensitive Tholothian female, was a Jedi Master and member of the Jedi High Council during the last years of the Galactic Republic. During the Clone Wars, she served as a Jedi General in the Grand Army of the Republic and fought several battles over the course of the Republic–Separatist conflict.

Adi Gallia was instrumental to early battles in the Clone Wars, and was vital in the Second Battle of Geonosis, helping Delta Squad defeat Durge and enact the Jedi's plan which would lead to them discovering Order 66. Gallia was killed fighting Exar Kun and his fleet, who had arrived in the universe prior to the Battle of Byss, and her sacrifice allowed her to send the Sith Lord back where he came from. Gallia duelled the Sith aboard her bridge within her Venator, Unity, and took both of their lives after her clone squad detonated the ship's reactor.

Speed: High C

Abilities: Mastery of Form V and Form IV, Ground Vehicles, Mechanical Mind, and Deception. Highly Proficient in Pattern Recognition and Mental Shielding.

Notable Force Abilities: Mastery in Force Lightning, Tutaminis, Force Healing, Illusions and standard Council Light Side abilities.

  • Balance = 27. Midichlorian Count = 14,208.

Equipment: Adi Gallia’s Jedi Robes; Adi Gallia’s Lightsaber; Utility Belt with: Survival Rations in the form of capsules, a Hush-98 comlink, a Fibercord Grappling Hook and/or a Grappling Spike Launcher, a Holoprojector, a Holomap, an A99 Aquata Breather, a Jedi Beacon Transceiver, a Glowrod, and Lightsaber Repair Tools.

Weaknesses: Adi Gallia is odd for a Form V user as she does not have the physicality for such a form. While Adi is faster than most people, in the face of a strong lightsaber wielder, her guard will be broken and she will be open for attack. See to it that if you face Adi, you have a skilled lightsaber user who is much more physically strong, as this will easily overwhelm her.