Name: Ghos Gin

Rank: Jedi Knight

Tier: High 2

Background: Ghos Gin was a male human Force user, originating from royal family on a planet amidst the unknown regions before being forced to flee to the lower levels of Coruscant in hiding at the age of 5. At Age 7 his parents and siblings were found dead in their impoverished home, leaving Ghos the sole survivor of the Gin bloodline. At Age 8 Mace Windu found and convinced Ghos to join the Jedi Order after witnessing his power in the force and being saved by the boys unrefined skills.

Ghos is a practical splitting Image of his Master Mace Windu when it comes to his enthusiasm for fighting. His passion for the fight is often restrained by his sheer dedication to the Jedi and his disgust of the idea of falling to the Dark Side. Having been trained by Mace Windu during a time where he lost both of his previous Padawans to death or darkness, Mace was especially tough on Ghos when it came to training, however even more compassionate toward Ghos in their relationship, the two sharing a father/son relationship neither of the two would allow themselves to admit. Due to their strong bond, Mace pushed Ghos in harder and more unusual ways than most Jedi Masters, including actions to test the resilience of Ghos' mental and physical well being. Ghos never held any resentment toward his master for physical injuries during their training, and as Such has become an incredibly Adept fighter for his age.

The Jedi Knight's enhanced duelling potential, pursuit of combat, and astounding mental rigidity led Mace Windu into entrusting Ghos with his Combat Form Vaapad. After the loss of Mace Windu to the Void, Ghos would be the supposed sole carrier of this form.

Without the guidance of Mace Windu or A'Sharad Hett, two of his closest allies and anchors into the light, Ghos would slowly drift from the strict codes of the Jedi and become a far more untraditional Jedi relative to the times, priding himself as a warrior of the light at times. He would eventually end up on Zakuul, taken there by Vaylin Tirall, where Valkorian would influence his influence over the Jedi Knight; and attempt to plunge his heart into darkness.

Speed: High D

Abilities: Fighting Spirit. Mastery in Mental Shielding, Street Hand-to-Hand and Survival Skills. Highly Proficient in Temple Hand-to-Hand, Vaapad, Espionage, and Deception. Proficient in Ataru, Juyo, Environmental Conditioning, Ground Vehicles, Makashi, and Korun Hand-to-Hand. Skilled in the first 6 forms and Hidden Blade Combat.

Notable Force Abilities: Highly Proficient in Force Barrier. Proficient in Force Repulse, Revitalize, and Standard Knight Light Side Abilities. Skilled in Force Body, Force Stasis, Animal Bond, Force Flash, and Crucitorn. Begun training in Force Stealth and Force Shock.

  • Balance = 73. Midichlorian Count = 14,016.

Equipment: Ghos Gin’s Lightsaber, Wrist Blade; Ghos Gin’s Custom Jedi Robes

Weaknesses: Ghos is haunted by bad dreams, to the point where an illusion portraying these could shatter his mind entirely. Ghos is arrogant due to his talent, and using his overconfidence against him would prove to be highly effective. Ghos has lost most of his strong attachments he has made over the years, Including Mace Windu, Amina, and his family, mentioning these may kilter his focus, or even distract him entirely. Ghos has severe survivor's guilt, and such performs reckless actions under the assumption he is not meant to die, or under the fact he does not much care for his own personal well being or health. While Ghos is an Ataru prodigy, he will still fall prey to the same issues most Ataru users do, that being a confined space.