Name: Rudec M’gami-Cabur

Rank: Head of Clan Cabur

Tier: High 3

Background: The leader of Clan Cabur Rudec M’gami-Cabur started life as a farmer on Yavin IV where he lived a peaceful life before being rescued from a pirate attack that killed his parents; those rescuers being Mandalorians. This led him to being inducted as a Mandalorian Foundling at the age of 8, alongside his brother.

Rudec spent the next 10 years undergoing constant and gruelling training under the watchful eyes of his Mandalorian instructors. During this time, however, one of his instructors secretly taught him the beliefs and dogma of Deathwatch, quickly radicalising him and his brother to the side of the splinter terrorist organisation.

By the age of 18, he and his brother joined Deathwatch, partaking in many missions. This was until they gradually shifted towards the splinter faction of the Neo Crusaders after witnessing Deathwatch's callous disregard of the lives of their men. After the collapse of the Neo Crusaders, Rudec's brother would be killed, leading Rudec to seek out his late brother's allies. He donned his brother's armour and decided to form a new legacy from a dying clan, which would lead him to become the Head of Clan Cabur.

Speed: High D Combat Speed

Abilities: Mastery in Jetpacks, Deception, Camouflage, Stealth Generators, Sniper Rifles, and Improvised Sabre Combat. Highly Proficient in Wrist Shields, Blaster Rifles and Blaster Pistols. Proficient in Hidden Blade Combat, Projectors, Shotguns, Survival Skills, Blaster Carbines, Weapon Instinct, Slugthrowers, Mandalorian Hand-to-Hand, Mental Shielding, and Throwables. Skilled in Ground Vehicles, Traps, and Camouflage.

Equipment: The Daarasuum A’den (Custom Beskar Armour); 2 Custom Vambraces; 2 Smoke Grenades; Westar-35; Mandalorian Ripper; Tri-mode Carbine; custom Z-6 Jetpack; 2 Magnetic Thermal Detonators; Beskad; Vibroblade; 2 Beskar Wristshields; 2 Sonic Emitters; Sonic Dampener; Verpine Sniper Rifle

Weaknesses: An EMP will disable his bionic legs, rendering him open to attack, but their existence is not a well-known fact. Insulting his family will result in a blind rage response, reducing all sense of stealth and skill, making him an easy target. Rudec is prone to overthinking things, especially in a combat scenario. If a combatant was privy to this information, they could orchestrate a scenario upon which Rudec is constantly overthinking a situation, losing his focus and making him an easy kill. Rudec prefers to attack from a stealth-based advantage, and using this against him by forcing him out the shadows could be effective.