Name: Zet Raskav

Rank: Cheludo Spymaster

Tier: Low 1

Background: Zet Raskav, also just known as Zet, is an important figure in both leading kingdoms on the world of Praged. Unknown to the Hóu he is currently serving under, he is a spy and assassin sent by the Cheludo. Having worked under the Hóu for a long time, he have gained their trust, even to the degree where he was granted a high rank in their army. His skills and knowledge comes from a long life of being taught by others, creating his own arts, and from many years of experience.

Before his time as a spy for the Cheludo, he spent his days training, both alone and under his masters, to reach his final goal; Revenge. Revenge on those that killed most of his family, and left himself, crippled, to die. Yet to who he should serve this revenge, was unknown.

And in an attempt to serve justice to those that deserve it, his crossed path with the Cheludo, the enemy of his attackers, the Hóu. Enrolling into their military, his rank rose swiftly until he ended up as the spymaster. This was also around the same time where he was sent on his long mission to spy on the Hóu, from the inside. This also served as a perfect opportunity for him to find the people that attacked his family, but he did so to no avail. And his wrath continued in the direction of the king of the Hóu himself, Kopes.

Speed: High C Combat Speed

Abilities: Superhuman Strength and Durability. The Mastery of Custom Sabre Style. Extreme Mastery in Hóu Sword Combat, Deception, and Mental Shielding. Mastery in Espionage, and Staffs. Highly Proficient in Animal Handling, Spears, Archery, Hóu Hand-to-Hand Combat, and Throwables. Proficient in Medieval Siege Weapons, Hunting/Tracking, and Crafting.

Equipment: Zet’s Sword; Prosthetic arm with various attachments; Bow; Modified Staff.

Weaknesses: Zet cares deeply for what is left of his family, and will not allow anyone to tarnish or disrespect their legacy. Doing so would send him into a rage, where he fights from his emotions. Given Zet’s combat and deceptions rely on him keeping a level-head, he would become far less effective, potentially even dropping his guise if one pushed him to the extreme. Zet plans extensively for a mission, bringing relevant mentality and equipment to fight opponents he expects. Thus, an unpredictable opponent is likely to throw him off, and put him at a disadvantage. Zet’s tail is three times longer than the average Hou, meaning it is an exploitable feature in combat as it gets in the way; as well as preventing him to use his tail for acrobatic moves.