Name: Standard Chiss Electronic Warfare Trooper

Rank: Electronic Warfare Trooper

Tier: Low 3

Background: The Chiss Electronic Warfare Trooper is the primary support unit for the Chiss ground forces, they stay behind the main lines and infiltrate and disrupt enemy equipment and communications, they are almost never seen by the enemy, and in a perfect scenario, their operations are never noticed.

The Electronic Warfare Trooper was initially proposed during the initial Vagaari conflicts when CEDF command realized that the Vagaari were determining attack locations by tracking electronic warfare operations coming from Chiss capital ships. As such, they decided to make a troop trained entirely in running electronic warfare operations under atmospheric sensor range on the ground, in order to keep their planned attacks from being predicted.

The purpose of the Electronic Warfare Trooper has stayed the same through the years, but their equipment has vastly been altered. Initially, the kit only included comm jammers and sensor scramblers, but as conflicts evolved, they began using more advanced equipment like false sensor signatures and decryptors, which were directly a response to the more electronic based attacks of the Grysk, Vagaari, and Ssi-Ruuk

Speed: Low F Combat Speed

Abilities: High Proficiency with Charric Maser Pistols and Carbines. Proficient with Explosives, Slicing, and Traps. Skilled with Ground Vehicles

Equipment: Mastery with Chiss Electronic Warfare Kit, High Proficiency with Chiss Battle Armour and Chiss Scout Speeders.

Weaknesses: The Electronic Warfare Trooper is a very strong unit, but it is primarily a support unit, these forces are at their weakest when they are operating their equipment, meaning that any attacks while they are actively utilising the Electronic Warfare Kit will drop their weapons proficiencies by one full level for 2 turns, the amount of time it would take them to reset and start firing back.