Name: Tup

Rank: Fang of the Coiled King

Tier: Middle 2

Background: CC-5358, nicknamed "Tup", is a Clone Commander who lead the Grand Army of the Republic's acclaimed 501st Legion during the Clone Wars. Like all Republic clone troopers, Tup was born in the cloning facilities on Kamino, where he spent the first years of his life rigorously training for deployment against the Separatist Droid Army. Once his training was complete, he was assigned to the 501st Legion, where he was instantly taken under the wing of commanding Officer CC-7567, nicknamed "Rex". Tup was present at the Battle of Geonosis, and all subsequent battles with the 501st.

After his following promotion to Captain, Tup climbed the leadership ranks and was given Leadership of Carnivore Company, an elite squad, created for hunting and fighting force users. Around the same time, Tup's Inhibitor Chip was starting to rot ever so slowly, fuelling his amassing anger concerning force users.

When Marshall Commander Rex was assassinated by an unknown person, on the flagship of the Third Systems Army, Tup was one of the first to be told. Tup, not being told anything else, instantly assumed one of the multiple Jedi Padawans, who took residence on the ship at the time. Tup began to suspect information Padawan Amina after this time. The newly promoted Commander called in Carnivore Company to help arrest and question her. Members of Carnivore Company stormed the Padawan's quarters, weapons drawn. After repeating a warning and attempting to calm the Padawan, Tup and the arrest force were understandably force pushed by Amina out of fear, to which they reacted with stun fire and the use of their Ysalamiri. The Padawan, using an artefact to escape the questioning, killed herself, leaving Commander Tup in anger as he had only wanted to question her. As Commander Cody arrested the other people involved in Amina's death, Tup refused to be taken in and began to discuss with the officer, managing to convince him the others were no danger, on the reasoning that they were only following orders.

On the same day, the Flagship was ordered to the planet Odessen. On the way there, Darth Sidious, hearing of Tup's dislike of the Jedi and talks amongst troopers of a "clone rebellion", teleported aboard the ship and killed multiple clones, as well as sabotaging the hyperdrive, framing Tup for these actions. Tup escaped with a Speeder Bike, finding a far away cavern and hiding out there. Tup fortified the cave, locking it and sealing him in. Not wanting to leave the planet, when the ARC Lieutenant Kom'rk and the later fugitive Crusader offered the chance, he instead told them he had a plan to clear his, and possibly their names.

After a few days he executed his plan, sending Crusader to certain death in order to achieve his own goals, finding the coordinates to an ancient temple where the dead speak. The Ghosts of the dead pulled Tup towards the temple, where he saw the dead ghost of Rex, that only threw accusations at him. Tup looked through the illusion and recognized this wasn't the real Rex, but couldn't stop the spirit entering his mind and knocking him out. The crew of the Sims found him and his brothers brought him back to the flagship. Waking up, Tup took out the medical clones treating him, making a run for it and finding Hardcase, giving him a device. A part of him now believed to really be responsible for the murders of Rex and many others, while the other insisted on his innocence. All agreed on one thing though, being willing to fight for what they believed in. Tup ordered Belkrin to open the cell doors, making it clear that otherwise she would not survive this encounter. Belkrin, bearing a child, wasn't willing to take the risk and set him free. Tup then made his escape, taking Hardcase with him and using the temples of Odessen, amassing an army of the dead. Thousands upon thousands of spirits under his command assembled to tear the Third Systems Army apart. Tup, being manipulated by the fake Rex inside of his head, reassured Hardcase that this was for the right cause, but Hardcase didn't quite buy it, and asked him to stop it. Seeing his army of the dead overwhelmed and the temples collapse, due to the Chiss Commandos, Tup escaped using a shuttle and made his way to establish a base, listening to the internal voice more then himself.

Landing on Nar Shadaa, Tup was kidnapped by the local crime syndicate. He found himself next to Echo, who was also captured and brought there, wounded and recognizing Tup, treating him as a hero as he wasn't aware of the deeds he'd committed in the last few months. Escaping the base together, and forming a slight friendship, Tup was upset, realizing he couldn't let Echo go without giving away his position. Pulling his blaster he told him he was sorry. Echo, accepting Death, responded that he wouldn't betray him, but that he should do what he thought was right. Tup stunned him, instead of using lethal shots, deciding this way he would still have enough time to change positions.

Taking a shuttle, and again being confined to months of solitude inside of empty space it slowly started to drive him mad. Accepting that death was certain in the end, and that he'd be willing to die in order to fight for what he believed in, Tup couldn't believe his eyes when being pulled out of hyperspace, a gigantic creature in front of him. Ectherid revealed the secrets of the universe to him and offered him a place as leader of the Vassals of the Coiled King, explaining the purpose of their quest to be setting the universe right, and giving Tup a taste of what his life could've been like without the events of the past year. Tup, this being what he had always wanted, undoing all that had happened, dedicated his life and soul to this goal and in return received the gift of immortality, nobody being able to kill him, as long as the Creature remained. Awaiting further orders of his new Master, Tup returned to his shuttle, more determined then ever to do what what had to be done and to fight for the life he had always wanted.

Speed: Low D

Abilities: Extreme Mastery in Mental Shielding; Mastery in Echani Hand-to-Hand combat, Throwables, and Blaster Pistols. Highly Proficient with Blaster Rifles, Wrist Shields, Ground Vehicles and Jetpacks. Proficient with Cloaking Devices, Traps, and Explosives. Skilled in Form I and Projectors. Types 1, 3, 4 and 8 immortality.

Equipment: Extreme Mastery with Wrist Dart Projector; Mastery of the DP-23 Shotgun, the DC-15A Rifle, and the DC-15S Carbine; DC-15, DC-15x, ZX miniature Flamethrower and the Carbonite Projector Mark II; JT-12 Jetpack; Stealth Field Generator-Fabritech; Carnivore Armour, Ikotchi Poison darts, 4 Dioxis Grenades, and Ysalamir. Utility Belt with: Ammunition, Grappling Hook, Basic Medical Supplies, and Multitool.

Weaknesses: Although Tup has taken down multiple strong force users on his own, those were mostly in training scenarios and thus the Force Users were holding back slightly, thus the above-average Force User can put him down if they do not fall for his tricks. Tup can be caught unaware if he has not planned for an outcome, and thus can be defeated. Tup’s arrogance will come into play when fighting stronger opponents. Using most Force powers in general against CC-5385 could be useless due to his Ysalamiri, so the best strategy is essentially to beat him in combat. Tup also shows a slight reliance on his Ysalamir, and thus a Force User could project objects like rocks at him from a distance at speeds he cannot keep up with to bypass this limitation. Tup cannot be killed, and will always come back unless Ectherid is dead. As such, he needs to be contained rather than left for death, as he will get back up. Furthermore, Tup will regenerate lost limbs and wounds quickly, as well as having a much higher stamina, and as such should not be considered defeated due to injury.