Name: CC-0169 "Bruh"

Rank: Battalion Commander

Tier: High 4

Background: CT 0169- nicknamed Bruh, was a Battalion Commander within the 501st Strike Corps. Starting out as a laidback less serious clone with poor leadership bred on the planet of Kamino, Bruh's outlook on life would change through war and strife.

During the Clone Wars, Bruh was a Major who often made mistakes and did not take things seriously. It was only a year into the Clone Wars that this would somewhat change at the Battle of Mandalore. Bruh would later briefly transfer away from the 501st and the Third Systems Army.

Upon arriving back to the 501st, things spiralled out of control quickly, with the death of Rex and the supposed betrayal of Tup. With the arrival on Odessen, Bruh would experience relative place, before being rotated to the Battle of Dromund Kaas with the rest of the 501st. Shortly after, the 3SA would arrive on Odessen. Most of the time there was peaceful, until the 501st and Carnivore were sent to Dormund Kaas. It was only upon their return to Odessen that Bruh would experience the chaos, with supposed spirits of their fallen brothers and the death of Commander Appo.

The 501st would leave Odessen, and Bruh, alongside his comrades, would find themselves supporting the Navy on Juvex and Sunnex. Bruh would experience more chaos with the disappearance of Echo and the destruction of the Sims-I at the hands of Torrent. It was soon that chaos would engulf Bruh's life again, with the Day of Chaos; a day which Bruh elected to ignore/forget. Later, Bruh would learn of Echo's subterfuge of the 501st and join his cause of justice.

Lawter, during Umbara, Bruh continued his campaign for justice alongside Echo. Unaware of Echo's terrorist status, Bruh was present during General Krell's murder, and is currently in possession of his sabers. Shortly after Umbara, Commander Vaukh would pull Bruh aside, and eventually trap him away from the rest of the 501st within the Sims-II. Eventually, Bruh was rescued by Axis and other members of his group. Afterwards, he'd explain to SCDR Pink the entire situation, resulting in Bruh's demotion, which also placed him under 24 hour surveillance.

On Brentaal, Bruh would reunite with Fives, and later would fall into a far less chaotic life; doing little on Var-Shaa, and taking a backseat on Raxxa.

Speed: Low G Combat Speed

Abilities: Highly Proficient with Throwables and Sniper Rifles. Proficient with Cloaking Devices, Deception, Echani Hand-to-Hand combat and Wrist Shields. Skilled in Jetpacks, Blaster Pistols, Knife Combat, Hunting/Tracking, and Blaster Rifles.

Equipment: Highly Proficient with DC-15S Carbine and DC-15A Rifle; Proficient in DC-15X; Skilled with DC-17; Phase 2 Plastoid Carnivore Trooper Armour; 4 Thermal Detonators; Utility Belt with: Ammunition, Grappling Hook, Basic Medical Supplies, Multitool; Ysalamir; Personal Cloaking Device

Weaknesses: Bruh is unable to get over Rex's death, the topic upsetting him a great deal, which is an option for distracting him on the battlefield. Bruh does best at long range and close quarters, where he often snipes at long distances and uses blades, along with having Echani Hand-to-Hand to fall back on. Medium range, as well as the travel from long range to short range, or vice versa, makes the clone highly vulnerable. Bruh is a poor leader, and thus usually operates under orders, something that can be manipulated. Bruh has an odd fear of E-Webs, the devices causing an almost PTSD panic.