Name: Arcann Tirall

Rank: Battlemaster of the Jedi Order

Tier: Middle 0

Background: Arcann Tirall was a male Zakuulian who joined with the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars. Formerly the Emperor of Zakuul, he was the Son of the Sith Emperor of the Eternal Empire, Valkorion. Following the defeat of his father with the aid of The Outlander, Arcann and his astromech droid R3-J7, formerly known as T7-O1, were brought to the present era. The pair explored the galaxy, until arriving at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant where Arcann was inducted into the Jedi Order. Arcann quickly rose through the Order, becoming a Jedi Master, as well as Battlemaster of the Order for his skill with a lightsaber.

During his time spent at the Temple, Arcann worked with and trained many Jedi, but found a strong connection with some in particular. He often confided in Ghos Gin, Padawan of Mace Windu, and Knight A'Sharad Hett, as well as his Padawan learner Amina. He had found Padawan Amina wandering Coruscant, where she arrived at the entrance of the Temple and was assigned to him by Grandmaster Yoda. Although he was an uncharacteristic Jedi, due to his past and housing powers of Light and Dark, the Order accepted him as one of their own, which allowed Arcann to embrace the Jedi code and begin to walk a brighter path of life.

When away from the Jedi Temple, Arcann worked alongside the Third Systems Army (AKA the 3SA), involving the 212th Attack Battalion and the 501st Legion, as well as the 332nd Company for a brief period of time. During his time with the Third Systems Army, Arcann worked alongside Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and Jedi Master Quinlan Vos, alongside their clone troopers, notably Clone Commanders Cody and Mixer whom he formed a bond with. Arcann accompanied the 3SA on missions to Myrkr and Mustafar, as well as their campaign into the Unknown Regions along with Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Speed: High B

Abilities: The Mastery of all 7 Lightsaber Forms. Extreme Mastery in Martial Weapons. Mastery in Zakuul Hand-to-Hand Combat, Mental Shielding, Espionage, Deception, and Manipulation. Highly Proficient in Temple Hand-to-Hand and Mechanical Mind. Proficient in Saberstaffs, Pattern Recognition, Ground Vehicles, and Crafting. Skilled in Espionage and Throwables. Begun Training in Chiss Sabre Combat.

Notable Force Abilities: The Mastery of Force Lightning, likely the most powerful lightning in history barring Vitiate and Sidious, as well as Standard Basic Dark Side Abilities. Mastery of Tutaminis, Pyrokinesis, Force Valour, Force Barrier, and Telekinesis and all Umbrella Techniques. Highly Proficient in Standard Jedi Council Abilities, Force Stealth, Convection, Teleportation, and Empathy. Proficient in Force Cloak. Skilled in Sever Force and Force Enlightenment.

  • Balance = 21. Midichlorian Count = 18,070.

Equipment: Thexan’s Lightsaber, Chiss Armourweave Councillor robes.

Weaknesses: Due to his strength at such a young age, Arcann can become quite arrogant with his abilities. Arcann cares greatly for his family in the Jedi Order, and will do anything to ensure their safety. Having integrated further into the Jedi Order, while Arcann remains powerful in dark side abilities he is less likely to resort to using them unless highly provoked. After having joined the Jedi High Council, Arcann has become more diplomatic, desiring a discussion over combat if possible. This can be used to buy time to form a plan of attack.