Name: Jaska

Rank: N/A

Tier: High 3

Background: Jaska was born in Falleen to one of the most high ranking members of the Black Sun. Her father was the governor of Falleen and her mother was her father's security advisor. Jaska was sent to Coruscant with her mother to completer her education under a new identity. She at the age of 5 was met by two unknown Jedi masters. They were able to sense the force sensitivity of Jaska and so took her to the Jedi temple for further evaluation.

Passing the trials, Jaska was inducted to the Jedi Order. Unknown to her parents of these recent events, her father started a search for his missing daughter. They eventually found her near the steps of the Jedi Temple. Her father started to plan an invasion of the temple. Three months after they found her near the steps of the temple, the black sun tried a covert operation to rescue Jaska but, they failed miserably due to lack of educated planning. Her father went on a one on one duel with a Jedi Knight, but failed in defeating him leading to the death of her father. Jaska saw his father fall. She cried a lot but was comforted by her master.

20 years later, Jaska and some other Jedi Knights, along with Jedi Master Drojander Kace, formed the Mandalorian Knight Order; a splinter faction of the Jedi Order. The Mandalorian Knight Order was loyal to the Mandalorian Throne. They protected Mandalore from major threats, and also provided a direct connection between the Galactic Republic and Mandalore.

Jaska, after serving a few years in the Order, went into exile inside a jungle. She meditated and practiced her skills inside the forest for a few months. She came out after a few months only to find out that Mandalore had joined the Galactic Syndicate, and that she was far in the future. Having close ties with the Mand'alor, she began taking interest in political matters. She used to have regular sparring sessions with the Mand'alor, who was a Darksider much more powerful than her. She used to keep her distance from the Mand'alor as much as possible because she feared that she would fall and lead a life of constant pain. But one thing she admired the Mand'alor for was bringing unity between all clans, though this was only a surface level view and the clans were in fact not united.

Jaska slowly became accustomed to the new political climate. She started to have an urge to earn some money and upgrade her living standard. The criminal blood which she inherited from her father suddenly started to flow through her. She joined the bounty hunter guild to fill in this urge. She started to do bounties as though it was a hobby.

Speed: High E

Abilities: Mastery in Deception, Blaster Rifles, and Survival Skills. Highly Proficient in Form V and Ship Boarding. Proficient in Jetpacks, Shii-Cho, Ground Vehicles, Makashi, and Mental Shielding. Skilled in Mandalorian Hand-to-Hand, Blaster Pistols, Shotguns, Slugthrowers, Sniper Rifles, Blaster Carbines, Throwables, Niman, Soresu, and Ataru.

Notable Force Abilities: Extreme Mastery in Thought Shield. Proficient in Standard Jedi Knight Lightside Abilities

  • Balance = Pragmatic Fallen. Midichlorian Count = 12,899.

Equipment: Beskar Armour; Jaska’s Lightsaber; Mandalorian Assault Rifle; JT-12 Jetpack.

Weaknesses: Taunting her about her inability to change or fix the Republic will unbalance her, allowing for an easy kill to be made. Jaska has an air of arrogance when it comes to the Jedi, thinking herself superior to them. Utilising this could prove to be effective. Jaska is extremely dedicated to the idea of becoming a true Mandalorian, to the point she was able to be guilt-tripped into wearing armour. As such, exploiting this desire by baiting her into duel would allow one to pick her apart undisturbed. Manipulating her into performing actions that would make her feel as if a true Mandalorian would undertake such tasks would also be effective.