Name: Shatter

Rank: Deserter

Tier: Low 2

Background: Shatter, previously known as RC-1427 and RC-7109, was a Clone Commando who served in the beginning years of the Clone Wars until he deserted after the events of the Day of Chaos. Shatter grew up and under the number RC-7109 and by the name "Vrontì" during his days on Kamino. However, Shatter would eventually endure an extreme change in mental state after his Cuy'val Dar, Isabet Reau, would force his squad to fight one another in a fighting ring. After the devastating events of killing his own squad member, Shatter would be shipped off to Arca Barracks after the battle of Geonosis where he would take on a new number and the name Shatter.

Once his mental state healed to where he would be effective in combat, Shatter would join Sergeant Spike in forming Veshok Squad who he would grow close with. All would finally go well for him until the Day of Chaos where he unwillingly stormed the Jedi Temple and lost his arm to a Jedi who he would then kill. The Day of Chaos greatly affected the Commandos mental health and he would lash out at his closest friend Spike and watch him leave on an assignment alone. Days later while in a deeply drunken state, Shatter decided he needed to save his friend from going in on an operation alone and would accidentally steal a barely working ARC-170 that he would go after Spike with. Thanks to his drunken state of mind at the time, the ARC-170 would be forced to exit hyperspace over the planet of Bothawui and Shatter would have to make a crash landing in the middle of nowhere. Stranded in the middle of the woods, Shatter would eventually find his way to a town where he would learn that his old Cuy'val Dar, Isabet Reau, was taking up shelter in a nearby temple. The Commando would then prepare for war, gathering weaponry to use to fight his former Cuy'val Dar. Shatter would successfully make his way to the temple and engage in combat with Reau where the temple would come crashing down on the both of them after being rigged to explode by the wicked woman.

Although Isabet would die, Shatter would move on to survive and decide to stay on Bothawui after he met a woman who he grew close to. However, Shatter would be forced to leave the planet when an increased military force would come upon the planet. He would make his way back to Arca Barracks on Coruscant so he would not be previously assumed he deserted and to find out what happened to his old friend Spike.

Shatter would accompany a team of clones on a mission to eliminate a CIS base where he would fake his death for good when attacked from a strange creature. Instead of moving back to Bothawui, Shatter would need to seek asylum elsewhere for the meanwhile and would call up Mij Gilamar for help.

Shatter would arrive on Mandalore just days before the outbreak of the civil war and the death of Satine Kryze.

Speed: High D Combat Speed

Abilities: Mastery in Sniper Rifles, Deception, Hunting/Tracking, Traps, Slugthrowers, and Camouflage. High Proficiency in Espionage, Ship Boarding, Dagger Combat, Blaster Carbines, Improvised Hand-to-Hand Combat, Vehicle Boarding, Throwables, Blaster Rifles, Blaster Pistols, and Ground Vehicles. Proficient in Environmental Conditioning, Survival Skills, Jetpacks, Projectors, Rocket Launchers, Shotguns, Blaster Cannons, Chainguns, Throwing Knives, and Explosives. Skilled in Mental Shielding.

Equipment: Extreme Mastery in the Verpine Shatter Rifle and Knuckle Plate Vibroblade; Mastery in the Sniper Configuration of the DC-17M; Highly Proficient in all DC-17M Configurations; DC-15s Sidearm Blaster Pistol; MK 3 Katarn Armour; 2 Thermal Detonators; 2 EMP Grenades; 2 Flashbang Grenades; 2 Smoke Grenades; Silver Ring; Utility Belt with: Ammunition, Grappling Hook, Basic Medical Supplies, Explosive Charges, Thermal Tape, Multi-tool.

Weaknesses: The Commando Armour sacrifices agility for durability, and thus this burden can be exploited by an agile or fast opponent. The time it takes to swap the DC-17m attachment, and Shatter is vulnerable to attack while doing so. Applying an electric shock or Mechu Deru to their vibroblade could short it out and electrocute them. Shatter’s mental fortifications are weak given all the trauma he has suffered through, and this should be exploited by a manipulative combatant if they have the foreknowledge. Placing Shatter in a Commando Squad or any squad would have negative effects, considering his experience as a lone wolf. Doing so would reduce team cohesion and combat effectiveness.