Name: Standard Black Sun Member

Rank: Black Sun Member

Tier: Middle 4

Background: Black Sun was a criminal syndicate that came into prominence during the Clone Wars as the Jedi Order focused more on military affairs and less on law enforcement. Black Sun was allied with the Shadow Collective and its leader, the renegade Sith Lord Maul. The syndicate maintained bases on Mustafar and Ord Mantell and had many of the Falleen species as members. However, the organisation was well known prior to the Clone Wars, with activity dating all the back to the Great Galactic War.

Speed: Middle H Combat Speed

Abilities: Mastery in Dagger Combat. Highly Proficient in Street Hand-to-Hand and Throwables. Proficient in Deception and Blaster Rifles. Skilled in Blaster Pistols, Explosives, and Survival Skills.

Perk: Naebody Move!

  • The members of the Black Sun get a +1 increase to their speed when fighting local law enforcement.

Equipment: A310 rifle; Black Sun Blaster Pistol

Weaknesses: The members of Black Sun must be acting under orders to be effective. If they do not receive orders, it is likely they will fall to infighting or lack of loyalty. As such, cutting off communication or other such isolation tactics will spread chaos amongst their ranks. The Black Sun soldiers are not well armoured, used to their presence doing more in the battlefield than their actual combat abilities; and as such, rarely expect a fight from non-military forces. And while they do not succumb easily to bribes, one could twist their loyalty if the situation was dire enough.

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