Name: Standard 41st Clone Trooper

Rank: Private

Tier: High 4

Background: The 41st Elite Corps was a Corps within Systems Army Alpha in the Grand Army of the Republic. For a long time, it served under Jedi General Luminara Unduli.

Notable battles include Sullust and Kessel, as well as the battle in a station over the planet of Ossel II, where the fallen General Luminara attacked and killed former Commander Fil. Commander Ignis replaced him as officer alongside Marshal Commander Gree, where they lead the 41st Elite Corps and the units within it, such as the 41st Scout Battalion and the 41st Ranger platoon.

After Unduli fell to the Dark Side, control was handed over to the displaced Satele Shan.

Speed: Middle G Combat Speed

Abilities: Highly Proficient in Camouflage, Blaster Rifles, Deception, and Sniper Rifles. Proficient in Throwables, Survival Skills, Weapon Instinct, and Blaster Pistols. Skilled in Jetpacks, Espionage, Hunting/Tracking, and Mental Shielding.

Perk: It's Settled Then

  • When working with local populations, each member of the 41st can use ten locals as NPCs in addition to their clone trooper NPCs.

Equipment: Phase-2 Plastoid Armour; Mastery with DC-15A; Proficient with DC-15S Carbine; Proficient with Grenade Launcher Attachment; EC-17 Hold-out Blaster; 2 Thermal Detonator; Utility Belt with: Ammunition, Grappling Hook, Basic Medical Supplies, Multitool; DC-15X

Weaknesses: The 41st prefer to work with the local reinforcements or native population if possible. Setting up a fake scenario where they befriend enemy agents who will betray them later will wipe out their entire force. The 41st prefer to go camouflage on occasion, using the cover of greenery to blend in. If one can find a way to remove methods of camo, then they can render the greatest skill of the 41st useless.